Integration with the PASSsystem

Two powerful systems that will help your home care organisation thrive

And now you and your staff can seamlessly work between both

Giving you control

In partnership everyLIFE and Webroster have developed an interface to connect their two platforms – giving you the control you need to simplify your care and workforce management.


Stop duplicating data

There’s no longer any need to update care notes, outcomes and attendance information across multiple platforms. Let Bee and The PASSsystem synchronise and do all the hard work for you.

  • Reduce risk from incorrect or duplicate data entries
  • Make life easier for coordinators and care workers
  • Focus on what matters most: delivering quality care

Become more efficient. Save time and workloads.

Using the interface between Bee and The PASSsystem is simple, yet it can dramatically improve your efficiency:

1. Roster

4. Check out

2. Check in

5. Payroll

3. Care

6. Invoice


Coordinators plan and schedule a care booking in, assigning an appropriate care worker to that booking

Care worker

The assigned care worker can check their rota using Bee

Care worker

The care worker can see where they are in relation to the service user on a map – even using Google Maps to direct them to the service users location

Care worker

Once arrived at the location, the care worker uses Bee to check in to the booking

Care worker

Upon check in the care worker is taken seamlessly to the same booking in The PASSsystem. Here they can view:

  • care notes and the Care Plan;
  • assigned tasks;
  • medication administration;

Care worker

Using The PASSsystem app, the care worker can even update care notes using the voice notes feature on their smartphone

Care worker to coordinator

Using Bee, the care worker checks out of the booking when it is complete. This time and attendance data is sent to’s electronic timesheet to be used for invoicing and payroll.

Creating care management solutions that are right for you

Delivering great care is undoubtedly your goal. But to deliver quality care, you need efficient processes, happy staff and a sustainable business model. Which is where Webroster comes in.

We always strive to create innovative solutions that help you efficiently run your business and manage your staff. We aren’t simply software providers, we’re partners that champion your values and adapt to your needs.

That’s exactly why we chose to work with The PASSsystem – it’s a solution that is adapted specifically to our joint customers’ goals.

Find out more about integrating Bee and The PASSsystem today. Call us on 01733 311599, email or complete the form below:

About Bee

Enable your staff to work more independently with Bee. The app provides easy access to essential rota and client information, plus a quick – and controlled – way to check in and out of appointments.

About the PASSsystem

A market leading care planning, care notes and eMAR system supporting a revolution in homecare and residential care. Using The PASSsystem enables more efficient use of care staff time, supports care workers and helps regulatory compliance.

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