Features and benefits

A powerful system

Webroster.net is a powerful system that helps hundreds of care organisations to schedule thousands upon thousands of hours of care every day.

Discover the innovative features of Webroster.net and how they could benefit you.


User experience is our priority

Webroster.net and all of its modules have been designed with user experience as a priority:

  • Colours and styles have been chosen specifically because they are easy to look at on-screen.
  • Icons and various functions are used to make Webroster.net easy to navigate.
  • Top-level information is displayed in a visual way using graphs, charts and maps, with further data revealed when more in-depth insight is needed. As a result, Webroster.net is easy to use for many different purposes.


The best technology, which you can rely on

Through using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting, Webroster.net provides reliable, resilient and secure database hosting. Each year we endeavor to provide over 99% uptime for customers, achieving 99.98% from March 2016 – March 2017.


Making sure our software is right for you

Each Webroster.net database is fully customisable and configured to your organisation’s unique needs.

On top of that, you can tailor Webroster.net to further meet your organisation’s needs with our range of innovative and adaptable modules.


Easy-to-use and stress-free implementation

You don’t need any plugins or downloads to get started with Webroster.net; all you need to do is login in through a web browser on any multimedia device.

Webroster.net is compatible with the most popular web browsers and we regularly make updates to make the most of new capabilities of each of these browsers. This also ensures that Webroster.net is as secure as possible.


Integrating with other software to make your business more efficient

Webroster.net has been developed to embrace integrations with other software solutions. Unlike other workforce management software, it is possible to integrate Webroster.net with the systems your organisation already uses.

We don’t want to box our customers in and force them to use specific software to achieve a streamlined business model. Open integrations allow you to achieve holistic and efficient processes.


To keep up with your changing business

In 2002, Webroster.net was developed as the first care-based web specific platform. Today, we continue to be at the forefront of this technology having adopted artificial intelligence and the latest cutting-edge solutions to ensure our systems remain innovative and effective for our customers and their changing business needs.


Providing compliance and peace of mind

Webroster.net offers maximum security and flexibility with a secure encrypted connection, a three-point password and system administrator control over staff access.

Webroster customers also benefit from:

Regular updates and improvements

We never stand still; our expert development team are always working on the next new feature for Webroster.net and its modules. We regularly release new updates to ensure we are tapping into new technology and responding to our customers’ feedback.

Account Management

We work in partnership with our customers, championing their values and helping them to achieve their goals. That’s why, when you’re all set up with Webroster.net, our account management team will work with you closely to help you achieve the very best results from Webroster.net.


From personalised refresher training, through to database MOTs to make sure your database is in tip-top condition, our consultancy is second-to-none and makes sure you’re always getting the best from Webroster.net.

Training and dedicated implementation support

Our Professional Services team are dedicated, qualified professionals who specialise in getting you started with Webroster.net.

Customer Support

Our dedicated, UK-based customer support team is available to provide help and answer any questions you may have.

Webroster.net and its modules can help to transform your workforce management with tools designed to streamline and improve:

  • Business and management reporting
  • Risk control
  • Cost-control and efficiency
  • Invoicing and payroll

  • Document management
  • Staff scheduling
  • Staff communication
  • Service delivery
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Client communication

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