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Discover stress-free and efficient rostering for your temporary and interim nursing and care staff 

Easy electronic rostering for your nurse staffing agency

Whether your staff are working in nursing, residential or community care settings, you need to make sure they are working to a roster that is feasible and covers all care requirements.  

Webroster.net allows you to easily create, and efficiently manage, your staffing agency’s roster. You can quickly allocate staff to care requirements, based upon their location, the travel distance, the client’s requirements, the staff member’s skills and much more. Using this information, Webroster.net will automatically generate a staff rota, which can be changed at any time.  

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“Webroster.net has really facilitated our growth, it would have been impossible to roster the number of hours that we do now without it.  The system reinforces our professionalism to our customers and our staff 

We’d definitely recommend Webroster.net, it’s the best thing we’ve ever purchased for the business.” 

Robert McNamaraDivisional Director, Cream Health and Social Care 


Streamline your income and payroll processes

Without the right software in place, invoicing and payroll can be a time-consuming and cost-draining exercise. Webroster.net simplifies the whole process with three steps:

  1. Using our rostering software, Webroster.net, you create optimised staff schedules. These schedules generate timesheets, which can be automatically verified.

  2. The verified timesheets provide information for Webroster.net to automatically create invoices for clients. Payroll is also automatically generated for staff.

  3. You can automatically pull through additional payments to payroll, including expenses, mileage and holiday pay.

  4. This information is exported from Webroster.net to be used with your choice of finance and payroll software, for example, Sage or Iris. 

Communicate with the staff currently on your books

You need to be able to quickly communicate with the staff currently on your books – but due to the nature of this interim and temporary work, the staff you work with are likely to change.  

Thankfully our SMS messaging features allow you to easily contact the staff you work with, all via your Webroster.net rostering system. It’s quick, easy and in an SMS format that your staff are familiar with.  

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Save time, stress and money. Discover Webroster.net and transform your nurse staffing agency.  

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