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Cut risks, make efficiency gains and improve outcomes

You want to cut risks, make efficiency gains and improve outcomes for your service users. As a result, you need the home care rostering software to help you achieve all of that.  

Webroster.net is the UK’s leading workforce scheduling software that has care at the heart of everything it does. Even better for local government authorities are the specifically developed Webroster.net features, which have been designed to tackle some of the unique challenges you face. 

We adopt an open approach

We also know that you want the introduction of new software to run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we adopt an open approach to ensure we, to the best of our ability, conform to your IT requirements and integrate with your other software providers.  

We work with many local government authorities across the UK. To learn more about how we make a difference to them and to receive a no obligation demonstration of Webroster.net call 01733 311599 or email webroster.sales@theaccessgroup.com.

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Manage care delivery in a central, flexible system

The Hub is game-changing piece of software for local government authorities delivering domiciliary care. Our approach to open integrations means we have been able to create a tool, The Hub, which allows you to oversee and analyse the work of your external providers – no matter what software they use. 

How does The Hub work?

The Hub makes working with external providers stress-free and smooth.  

We link up yours and your provider’s systems: when they deliver care and check-in or out via their own electronic call monitoring system, the information funnels through to your Webroster.net database too. The result? You can easily monitor and analyse the care delivered.  

You can manage providers’ timesheets too, even setting them to be automatically verified for a quicker invoicing and payroll process. The Hub allows you to seamlessly share service plans and pay providers based on the care delivered and their bespoke rate sheet.  

All together, The Hub makes external provisioning easy to manage. It gives you the tools you need to work collaboratively to deliver the care that matters to your community.  The best way to learn more about The Hub is to see it in action.

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Supporting your community-based care and reablement services

We are not only experts in developing exceptional, powerful local government software but we are also experts in the care industry. As a result, we know the challenges you face when delivering quality, community-based care and reablement services.  

The result is that our software for local government authorities has been developed to help you: 

  • Achieve greater staff utilisation
  • Make efficiency gains and cost savings 
  • Easily create optimised schedules 
  • Improve staff communication 
  • Lookup locations of staff and clients 
  • Manage travel costs and time 
  • Streamline income and payroll processes 

 Learn more about the benefits of our home care rostering software and how it could transform how your local government authority works.

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Improving outcomes for older people and providing better service tracking

Local government authorities have been tasked with helping to improve outcomes for older people through their home care services.  

Key challenges for local government authorities when working towards set outcomes for older people are: tracking the service user’s personalised progress and goals; communicating with care staff to ensure they are aware of desired outcomes, and meeting a service user’s needs – whether that’s through continuity of service or quality of care.  

Technology can help you to overcome each of these challenges. 

With Webroster.net and our app for field staff, Bee, your staff are able to receive information in real-time and so are you. You can easily communicate key service user information and required tasks to your staff, whilst also ensuring visits have been completed according to your schedule.

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Local government software that is scalable to your needs

The care requirements you cater for will fluctuate over time but with the ageing population and increasing demands on home care services, it is crucial that local government authorities choose software that can scale up according to their needs.  

Webroster.net is a flexible domiciliary care software solution that uses cutting-edge cloud hosting to ensure your database is reliable, resilient, secure and scalable.  

Discover how Webroster.net can adapt to your local government authority’s needs.

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Create optimised schedules to ensure efficiency gains

With the Webroster.net module, Optimiser, you can stop relying on guesswork to create schedules according to your values and requirements, whether they are: lower costs; reduced travel time; continuity of service, or all of the above.  

Optimiser uses artificial intelligence to simulate the decision-making processes of care co-ordinators. As a result, you stay in control of how rosters are created and what they optimised to achieve.  

Optimiser helps you to make your contracts works. The powerful tool creates optimised runs that mean your local authority contracts can now make good sense.  

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Optimiser - AI Rostering

How has our domiciliary care software for local government authorities made a difference?

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Result: Successful implementation of home care rostering software that impressed during CQC inspections and continues to offer many benefits including saved admin time, better security, more streamlined communications and generally improved information governance.

“We were looking very specifically for online scheduling software that offered good value for money, was easy to use and fitted the needs of domiciliary care. After inviting a number of providers to tender, Webroster scored the most highly according to that criteria.”

Pat Cole, Service Manager for the Bradford Enablement Support Team

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