Version 4.0.0: Helping you achieve GDPR compliance and improvements to save you time

Workforce management software GDPR compliance

Helping you achieve GDPR compliance and improvements to save you time

Introducing features to help your organisation on its journey to becoming GDPR compliant, version 4.0.0 will be released on Tuesday 24 April 2018. In addition, version 4.0.0 will include a transformation to the Client and Staff Portals and significant updates to Alert Manager.

As a result of our launching version 4.0.0, all services (including third party interfaces) will be unavailable from 8pm to 10pm on Tuesday 24 April 2018.

Customers with offline access enabled for Bee will still be able to access their schedule via the app for a limited period of time.

For further details please contact your account manager.

In summary, version 4.0.0 will include:

  • Functionality to help you manage GDPR compliance: version 4.0.0 includes updates designed to help you meet the ‘right to be forgotten’ GDPR requirement and specify who sees what, so no personal data is revealed to unnecessary parties.
  • Newly redesigned Staff and Client Portals: version 4.0.0 of will also include a complete redesign of our Staff and Client Portals providing an improved user experience with a better look and feel and increased control for your users. Please expand the Staff and Clients Portals item later in these release notes to learn more about how this will affect the privileges of staff and clients accessing the portals.
  • Brand new retrospective call matching: allows the system to process check-ins or check-outs that have been submitted to the system late, for example, if Bee was offline and sends it’s check-in/outs an hour after they were originally logged, will attempt to process the calls as-if they had arrived one hour previously, and match them against the timesheet.  Where that’s possible the corresponding missed check-in/out alert(s) will automatically be matched by the system.  Ultimately, saving many man-hours of back-office dealing with, and matching alerts.

This latest release also include general updates and improvements to:

  • Alert Manager
  • Daily
  • History
  • Sales
  • Mapping
  • Bee
  • Rostering
  • Supplier
  • MIS
  • Payroll and Invoice
  • Document Manager

Simply click on the titles below to read more about each:


With the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force 25 May 2018, we have introduced new functionality that allow you to hide individual client and staff:

  • details
  • features
  • location
  • extras

Using this new functionality you will be able to hide the above items of personal data in staff or client records. You can hide this personal data either for all clients and staff in one go or individually.

You will also be able to anonymise details within

In summary, these new features will allow you to:

  • restrict the visibility of personal staff or client data according to the staff or client who will be viewing it
  • manage GDPR settings within, so your preferences are applied throughout the database or tailored to each client or staff record
  • and anonymise personal data in

Please note: Webroster only provides the functionality to assist you with GDPR compliance. Whether or not you should use this functionality, and when, should be determined by your business’ processes and/or your appointed data protection officer.

GDPR Global Settings
The system level defaults that can be applied to a Client record upon being saved, or the ability to update all existing Clients


GDPR Individual Settings
Clicking the ‘eye’ icon next to each field allows you to tailor the visibility of data on a per record basis


GDPR Anonymisation
You can select which elements of a record can be anonymised

Client and Staff Portals

The Client and Staff Portals have undergone a complete redesign to make give them an improved look and feel, along with better usability and control.

The old portals will be discontinued when version 4.0.0 is released.

Please note: During the migration to these new portals, all client and/or staff logins will be placed into the privilege group “none.”  Unlike the old portals, the new portals in version 4.0.0 are able to apply elements of the privileges. Because these privileges are changing we highly recommend that before elevating privileges you test these by using a test client/staff login. If you would like any support in doing this, please contact your account manager.

Client Portal
This is the client details tab within the new Client Portal, showing the new improved look and feel



Retrospective Call Matching

Retrospective call matching allows the system to process check-ins or check-outs that have been submitted to the system late, for example, if Bee was offline and sends it’s check-in/outs an hour after they were originally logged, will attempt to process the calls as-if they had arrived one hour previously, and match them against the timesheet.  Where that’s possible the corresponding missed check-in/out alert(s) will automatically be matched by the system.  Ultimately, saving many man-hours of back-office dealing with, and matching alerts.

Alert Manager

As part version 4.0.0 the following updates will also be coming to the Alert Manager module:

  • Alert Manager now more accurately matches check ins and check outs to their corresponding booking. Where staff are using Bee, it will always match the correct times to the correct booking using the Booking ID.

Unfortunately for those using PhotoTrac or VOIPTrac we are unable to use the same matching system due to the age of the software and the matching in this scenario will remain the same as before. (If you are interested in upgrading to use Bee, please contact your account manager – call us on 01733 311 599 or email

  • We have added a new report that allows you to print historic alert reasons against clients and staff.


  • As part of version 4.0.0 you will be able to use Daily (the new interactive staff planner, which was released as part of version 3.8.0) to search by Branches and Areas, giving you the ability to find the information you need even more quickly.
Daily Branches
The updated Daily and the two additional filtering options


  • The loading spinner for Daily now works in browsers other than Firefox.
  • Daily also now remembers your chosen search parameters until you logout, so you don’t have to keep re-selecting and searching.
  • Previously saved searches of Client Groups in Daily did not differentiate between Active and Inactive, this has now been fixed.


  • You can now track the history of Orders and Notes, not just the individual log, when using the History module.
  • A bug fix has been applied to ensure the correct dates and times are shown on Note history.


  • Version 4.0.0 includes a ‘quick quote’ calculator that has been added to the Sales section for ad-hoc calculations.

Quick Quote Calculator


  • You can now bar staff from visiting clients from within the Find Available Staff Map screen.
  • Postcode searching now correctly inputs address fields for some problem postcodes and business addresses.
  • Our Real Time Mapping has had some fixes to show pins, information boxes and zoom.
  • Map Places can now handle a smaller scale search radius.


  • The Bee setting that allows the creation of unplanned visits has been moved to its associated user module access setting.

Moved Bee Setting

  • Both Bee and the Bee Dashboard have been improved to show more up to date information more often.
  • Within Bee, if a client note had more than one note-type assigned to it, the note would be displayed an equal number of times. This is now resolved.
  • We have added active or inactive filtering to staff telephone numbers in External Links.

General Rostering

New features to save you time

  • Version 4.0.0 gives you the ability to search by first name as well as surname across customers, clients, client groups, staff or suppliers.
  • You can now transfer notes from a requirement to the booking, saving you time re-entering details.
  • There have been new options implemented on cancellation policies so the system can automatically verify cancellation timesheets when generated.
  • You can now reinstate cancellations in bulk by selecting “From This Week Onwards” or “From This Week Until”.
  • When adding a staff or supplier to the barred list for a client, you can now filter the search by active/inactive status.
  • The client contacts input window has been redeveloped to improve its look and feel, and error handling for invalid data.
New Client Contacts Page
The improved look and feel of the client contacts page
  • Client Contact Types are now displayed on the Client Contacts tab in the Client Details for easy reference.

Client Contact Contact Types

General fixes and improvements

  • Cancellation Reinstate icon will now correctly display in Google Chrome.
  • Amending a client’s attendance at an overnight client group now saves correctly.
  • Timesheet duration is now displayed on the client, client group, staff and supplier tables.
  • We have adjusted the select/deselect functionality between areas and branches for ease of use.
  • Formula-based Extras with a date format can now be used for the expiry reports for clients, client groups and staff.
  • The rate sheet page in Setup no longer double loads on click.
  • We have fixed as issue where the online application form link would not work when it contained a special character.
  • A new icon has been added to show if a requirement or booking has overriding rates applied.
  • Daylight Savings Time is now correctly accounted for in timesheets, invoicing and payroll.
  • We have improved the icon colouring in the unverified staff table.
  • A phantom feature list is no longer shown when all features have been added to client feature requirements.
  • When editing multiple requirements at the same time, the ‘set all’ and ‘adjust all’ settings are now dynamically shown based on your selection.
  • We have fixed an issue where some report and export date selections were not restricting date choice correctly.
  • We have fixed some areas where the screen did not refresh and reflect new values immediately after changes were saved.
  • We have fixed some places where communication options were not enabled or disabled correctly depending on staff details.

Error messages

  • We have made general fixes to error messages throughout, including reinstating error messages and fixing misleading or incorrect messages.


  • Previously, when you created a new supplier using the supplier details tab, the other tabs, such as contract, roster etc didn’t immediately enable you to continue your user journey. In this instance you would have had to reselect the supplier from the left hand listing to enable the tabs. This has now been resolved.
  • A supplier can once again correctly allocate staff to a booking via the supplier portal.
  • The Supplier Details tab now has a History button if you also use the History module.

Payroll and Invoice

  • We have implemented a new option to force Account Reference fields to be unique.
  • We have implemented a new option that allows the override of Rate Bandings when a booking falls over a pay split.
  • An analysis of hours breakdown has been added to the Staff Roster and Timesheet tabs via the “xx:xx Worked” and “xx:xx Rostered” buttons.

Staff Analysis Of Hours Breakdown

  • Adding images to an expense now correctly validates the file size.
  • Duplicating a rate sheet now correctly copies over the cancellation policy also.
  • We have increased the character limit for Rate Sheet names and for Payment Terms in the global finance settings.
  • We have improved the display for long Branch and Rate Sheet names.
  • The option to verify for payroll has now been removed from Client-Only timesheets.
  • Invoice, Credit Note and Payroll can now detail individual expense lines. (Please see reports in the Resource Centre for further information).
  • Payroll will no longer apply a credit deduction to every payroll run after the original.
  • Temporary credit notes now clear automatically like temporary invoices and payroll.
  • Rate Sheets will no longer allow two entries of the same product to have overlapping day/time combinations.


  • The Webroster MIS login page now has a forgotten password link.

Document Manager

  • Fixes to the search function within Document Manager have now been made.


  • You will be able to create Alerts for formula-based Extras.
  • When setting alerts on Extras, it will be possible to create an alert per Area, with different recipients if required.
  • We know it’s hugely important that you have the resources to help you and your staff use, new features and modules. That’s why we’re updating help files with improved information and how-to videos.
  • We have fixed some field validation issues across
  • There were a few places where terminologies had not been correctly applied, these have now been corrected.
  • We have fixed several scenarios across where invalid data could cause system errors.
  • We have fixed some help links and login page links that didn’t work or led to old pages.
  • We have fixed some scenarios where Find and Advanced Find searches would fail to return results.
  • Various text tweaks and corrections across


If you have any questions about version 4.0.0 and any of the associated updates, please do not hesitate to contact the Webroster Customer Support Team. We are available from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Phone: 01733 516 030


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