Updates to Bee: Fixes to Schedule

Updates to our workforce management app, Bee

Updates to Bee: Fixes to Schedule

In April 2018 we released Bee version 3.5.0, which introduced a wide range of new functionality to the app for busy field staff.

Some of this new functionality included changes to how a user’s Schedule appears in the app. As a result, we continued to work with users to ensure the app’s new functionality was working correctly.

Subsequently, we identified a number of required fixes. We have made these fixes an absolute priority and are pleased to announce Bee version 3.5.1 will be released on Monday 14 May 2018.

Version 3.5.1 will include:

Fixes to Bee iPhone and Android:

  • A bug prevented you from being able to fully view the contents of the last item on your Schedule – but only if the last item happened to span the bottom edge of your screen. We’ve now fixed the scrolling function so you can view all of your Schedule items correctly.
  • New functionality added to Visit Details as part of version 3.5.0 obscured the controls to add or edit a Visit Note. We’ve made some adjustments to make that option visible again.

Additional fixes specific to Bee iPhone:

  • When you created an Unplanned Visit, all Availability thereafter was hidden. Your day’s Availability now correctly displays under all conditions.

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