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We are excited to announce that our next update to (version 4.4.0) will include great new options for Invoicing and Payroll in addition to a range of fixes and improvements throughout

Version 4.4.0 will be released on Wednesday 10 April 2019; keep reading to find out what it will include!

As invoicing and payroll is a sensitive finance function, we recommend you give close attention to all aspects of this release.

There will be a scheduled downtime of services in the early morning of Wednesday 10 April 2019 to roll out version 4.4.0. The exact time and duration of this downtime will be communicated closer to the release.

For further information regarding this release, please contact your account manager.

In summary, version 4.4.0 of will include:

  • Maximum value invoicing: Orders can be invoiced with a payment split and a fixed maximum value for each payee.
  • Charge/pay by real times capped at actual: A new option to Charge or Pay based on real times but capped at the actual times of the timesheet.
  • Invoice per timesheet: Particularly, but not exclusively, for our nursing agency users, you are now able to produce a new invoice for each timesheet, rather than per customer or per client.
  • Charge expenses to client: You can now decide whether expenses are considered with the customer invoice or charged solely to the client.
  • General invoicing improvements: Version 4.4.0 will introduce an improved Order Payee screen; plus give you control over the number of decimal places used for calculating charge and pay amounts.

This latest release also includes general updates, fixes and improvements to:

  • Audit/History
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Optimiser
  • Travel
  • The general system

Maximum value invoicing

Many local authorities and care commissions will only fund up to a maximum value towards a client’s care. This can now be handled within and is set within the client order.

As part of this development, the screen to set the Payee(s) of an order has been redesigned and should be more intuitive and quicker to use.


To setup maximum value invoicing, each payee is selected in turn with their maximum value profiled. The final payee added will pay the remainder, or the balance, beyond those amounts. Multiple payees are handled in priority order – Payee 2 will not be charged until Payee 1 has reached their limit.

This style of invoicing is only compatible with invoices generated per client order (Customer -> Finance -> Generate Invoices As: Individual)

It is not possible to credit a single timesheet with this style of invoicing. Only the entire invoice can be credited.

Real Time capped at Actual

Within system defaults (Setup -> Finance), on a customer level (Customer -> Finance) and contract level (Staff -> Contracts) a new option has been added to charge or pay based on real times but capped at the actual times of the timesheet.

This is compatible with all other invoicing and payroll settings.

Invoice per timesheet

For those who wish to generate an invoice for each timesheet, this can now be set within system defaults (Setup -> Finance) or on a customer level (Customer -> Finance). It is found within “Generate Invoices As” settings.


This is not compatible with some invoicing settings.

  • Client contribution settings will be ignored if any payee on the order is set to invoice per timesheet.
  • Invoice per timesheet is not compatible with maximum value invoicing. You are not be able to select a customer with this setting for the order and are also unable to change a customer to invoice per timesheet if they are already associated with an order of that type.

Charge expenses to the Client

  • A new setting has been added to the client order which allows all expenses to be charged to the client, rather than included within the general invoice. When invoicing, those expenses will be output onto a ‘client contribution invoice’.


General Invoicing and Payroll Improvements

  • The screen to setup order Payees has been re-designed to give better visibility and easier configuration as part of the enhancements to support the maximum value invoicing functionality.
  • A new Print Details button is available from the Payroll screen allowing generation of a new report supporting payroll legislation coming into force in April 2019. You can learn more about this,
  • net has always previously used 4 decimal places in its charge and pay calculations to provide a high degree of accuracy, and then rounded the final figures to the standard 2 decimal places for currency. While accurate, this can occasionally result in the displayed line values not quite adding up to the total as those last 2 numbers are not visible on most reports.

To resolve this, a new setting has been added to Invoicing, Payroll, Proforma within Setup -> Finance which will make all calculations using 2 decimal places instead.

Audit / History

  • The verification history of manually created timesheets will now log when they are verified for invoice/payroll during their creation.

Management Information System (MIS)

  • The ability to send reports as a password protected PDF file, rather than a ZIP, has been added to MIS.


  • A new setting can be found within the Travel section of an optimisation to control whether travel time is committed to the roster.


  • Added the ability to create an Advanced Find/Saved Search based on a staff members’ default travel mode.
  • Restored functionality of Advanced Find/Saved Search based on staff travel expense overrides.
  • Changed the tooltip text for the car transport mode icon on rosters – it now refers to travelling via “vehicle” rather than a car.


  • By popular request – Select All and Deselect All buttons have been added to the requirement creation screen to allow quicker day selection!

  • You can now set the address of client contacts using Postcode Find!
  • Advanced Find/Saved Search can now search for clients with or without an NFC tag associated with them.
  • Switching areas via Global -> Areas will no longer cause errors if a user is logged in twice in different places.
  • Aborted visits will trigger an icon to display on the client requirement in the client roster.

  • It is again possible to download documents from a Company Cabinet in Document Manager.
  • Timesheet Extract can now maintain formatting when extracting text Extras with multiple lines of text.
  • Cancellations now correctly honour public holiday charge and pay weightings.
  • Daily will again send system notifications to Bee when booking if selected in communication options.
  • Daily will now display the service plan reference of a requirement on the details view, if applicable.

  • The expense charge value is now shown on the client and client group timesheets tables rather than the pay value.
  • When anonymising a staff member, associated users are now also disabled and Bee licenses revoked automatically.
  • When viewing a recurring requirement, the enquiries tab will only show on the dates with an ongoing active enquiry, rather than all dates.
  • The client and client group roster pages now have filters so you can choose to only display selected orders and/or products.

  • The staff and supplier roster pages now have filters so you can choose to only display selected contracts and/or products.

  • We’ve added a bit more display room for those longer rate sheet names.
  • Choose to password protect your reports and exports; it is now possible without the system-wide “force encryption” setting enabled.



If you experience any issues following the release of version 4.4.0, please do not hesitate to contact the Webroster Customer Support Team. We are available from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Phone: 01733 516 030



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