Introducing version 3.7.0

New features

Introducing version 3.7.0

Version 3.7.0 is an exciting new release coming to in July 2017. Version 3.7.0 aims to improve usability, bring new functionality and update key modules including alert manager, Bee and Optimiser – along with the main rostering function of itself.

After numerous consultations and focus groups, we gathered together feedback directly from customers that use every day – allowing us to make improvements and create new features that matter to you.

Our aim at Webroster is to help revolutionise care delivery by championing our customers’ values and providing pioneering technology to help support their businesses. Version 3.7.0 aims to do just that. So what are the benefits you will see from this latest release?

Save time with improved user experience features:

We have invested a lot of development time in making far-reaching user experience improvements to Whether that’s simply adding new features to the main navigation or making improvements to allow you to quickly add breaks. Read the full release notes to find out more.

Make the most of increased control over your database:

We strive to make Webroster as flexible as possible so you aren’t governed to roster in a certain way due to software limitations.

With version 3.7.0 you can alter the number of staff needed for a requirement depending on the day of the week, easily change the number of staff needed for a requirement and change the day of the week a booking is scheduled for – all quickly and easily. Keep reading for more information.

Prioritise and manage your day:

In your industry it is crucial that you act quickly to situations that need your attention. But to be able to do that you need to be able to decipher between critical situations and automate other process so they do not depend on your response.

We have introduced new alert tolerances and alert types to help you prioritise what needs action and make quick adjustments to your daily schedule.

Quick and easy access to your data:

Introducing Webroster Live: A new live feed of top-level information viewable when you login to Webroster Live can be adjusted to suit your preferences, giving you control over how this information appears. Keep reading the version 3.7.0 release to discover further improvements making it easier and quicker to access information.

Find out more about version 3.7.0 by reading the full release notes:

The main toolbar for has changed. It now looks as follows:

1 Release-Version-3.7.0



The Home page now shows Webroster Live – a live dashboard of top level information. This can be adjusted to suit your preferences to give you the key information for your business.

2 Release-Version-3.7.0

There are extensive changes within

Click the headers below to learn more.


We have made extensive improvements to the rostering functions of as part of version 3.7.0. Whether that’s making adjustments to ensure you can roster staff as quickly and as accurately as possible or to provide an additional level of flexibility. Find out more:

Improved internal communications

  • You can now indicate a staff member does not want to cover a requirement or is unavailable to do so. This does not bar the staff member from being booked but it informs other’s using that the staff member has been contacted.


3 Release-Version-3.7.0

Faster, more accurate rostering

  • When viewing a booking a visual cue has been added to indicate if a timesheet has been generated.

4 Release-Version-3.7.0


  • A warning will now appear if you are saving a staff or client break that will delete one or more bookings.


5 Release-Version-3.7.0

  • Quickly add a staff or client break into the roster by clicking on a booking or requirement and selecting ‘Add Break’. The pop-up window will default its dates and times to that of the booking or requirement.


6 Release-Version-3.7.0

  • A new filter has been added to the ‘Find Uncovered Requirements’ page allowing you to filter uncovered requirements by ratesheets.


7 Release-Version-3.7.0

  • An indicator now shows how many resources are selected when searching for staff to fill a requirement on the ‘Find Available Staff’ pop-up.

8 Release-Version-3.7.0

  • You can now define the duration of a new requirement. By specifying how long a requirement is due to last, the end time will be automatically set depending on the start time.


9 Release-Version-3.7.0

For example, if a requirement is due to start at 8.00am and you set the duration to 30 minutes, the end time will set to 8.30am.

Increased control and flexibility of your database and rostering

  • Sometimes, the number of staff needed for a requirement changes subject to the day of the week – for example five staff may be needed for the requirement on a Monday but only three on a Tuesday.

With this in mind, you can, if required, now define the number of staff needed for a requirement according to the day of the week.


10 Release-Version-3.7.0


  • You can now change the number of staff needed for a requirement to a value less than already booked. Put staff in an order of preference and then remove lower preference staff from the requirement.


11 Release-Version-3.7.0

  • Change the day of the week requirements and bookings are due. There’s no longer a need to delete a requirement or booking and recreate it manually – simply edit and change the date of the week.
  • It is now possible to create one-minute breaks for clients and staff.

Introducing time tolerances

  • Requirements can now be scheduled with a time tolerance. This allows you to specify a level of flexibility over when a requirement or booking starts and finishes.


12 Release-Version-3.7.0


For example, the client would ideally like the requirement to start at 8.00am but they are happy with any time between 7am and 9am. You can now specify this within to add extra flexibility to your rostering.

To allow for this update, the service plan has new columns with the earliest and latest start times, replacing the move tolerance column.

The Optimiser can also utilise this data when optimising rosters.

Improved user experience

  • Access a quick view of a staff or client roster by right clicking on a booking and selecting ‘View Roster’.
  • If editing the times, order, product or contract of a past booking, you can now choose whether or not to update the corresponding timesheet accordingly.
  • The search button on the ‘Find Available Staff’ window has been made more prominent.
  • ‘Filter by Areas’ has been added to the Uncovered Requirements page, so you don’t have to switch between areas or navigate away from the page.


13 Release-Version-3.7.0


  • When searching for staff in the ‘Find Available Staff’ window, deselecting the option to ‘Notify Staff via Bee’ did not always lead to staff not being notified via Bee. This has now been fixed.
  • Occasionally, when booking from the map, the requirement was not found. This has been fixed.
  • In some instances, the Client Group roster showed requirements for inactive members. This has now been resolved.
  • Issues with saving a requirement with a formula extra have now been fixed.
  • Previously, the service plans’ agreed cost could raise an exception. This has now been fixed.
  • The AWR report previously would not work with a ‘list’ selection. This has now been fixed.


Introducing Alert Manager version 3:

We have made Alert Manager easier to use and improved the way you can access your data. As a result you can see what’s happening during the day quickly and easily, allowing you to make informed decisions.

14 Release-Version-3.7.0

On the selected alert, the icons allow you to choose what to do with the alert, match, filter options, accept, delete, send a message, accept real time.

15 Release-Version-3.7.0

New alert types

  • Two new alert types have been introduced to
    • Under-provision: care delivered in less time than planned
    • Over-provision: care delivered in more time than planned

These two new alert types give you control over what you consider to be an under or over provision and whether this requires further action due to the booking being urgent, standard or low priority. You are able to specify the time frames for what you deem an under or over provision.

16 Release-Version-3.7.0

For example, you can now specify: “alert me when an urgent visit is either under or over provisioned by five minutes” or “alert me when a standard visit is either under or over provisioned by 5 per cent of the original planned duration.”

  • You can now mark bookings as ‘critical’ so you can identify these easily within the new Alert Manager and Webroster Live.

Prioritise with alert tolerances and new ways to view alerts

  • You can now view information in Alert Manager according to alert types, product and alert priority.
  • You can also easily make adjustments to the day’s schedule. For example, if a staff member is running late you can easily move all future bookings for that staff member forward by 10 minutes.

17 Release-Version-3.7.0

As a result, future call alerts are avoided and you are able to focus on dealing with alerts that do require further investigation.

Removal of Alert Manager versions 1 and 2

To ensure Webroster can update Alert Manager effectively and provide the same level of functionality to all users, Alert Manager version 3 will replace versions 1 and 2.


Changes to Bee licences

  • To bring Bee in line with recent licence changes to, Bee users are now granted a licence to use the app. To manage these licences, a Central Licence Management page has been added to System Setup in

18 Release-Version-3.7.0

Improved administrative control

  • You can now delete devices from the Bee dashboard, keeping you in control of who accesses the app.
  • You can now filter devices on the Bee dashboard according to active and inactive users.
  • A new control has been added to to allow you to govern whether a staff member can or cannot cancel their bookings within Bee.
  • The ‘device type’ icon on the Bee dashboard is now visible again.


  • You can now configure to adjust the expected check-out time of a booking if the check-in time was early or late.For example, if a staff member checks-in to a requirement five minutes late, will expect the check-out to be five minutes late. Therefore stopping any unnecessary alarms being raised.


Improved filtering

  • You can now distinguish between clients that are defined as sites, as opposed to individuals.
  • Introducing a ‘Populated’ filter, allowing you to find records where the record has chosen one or more values from a given feature, as an example.


Easier management of your payroll and invoice processes

  • When deleting an invoice from the customer tab, or a payroll from the staff tab, will include the invoice or payroll number in the delete confirmation.
  • Within System Setup, you can now configure what options will be ticked by default when duplicating a ratesheet.

User experience improvements

  • Within the payroll and invoice generation pages, the “Find All” button no longer resets the selection of viewing “Normal” or “Temporary”.
  • In some instances, the customer finance tab failed to save correctly. This has now been fixed.
  • Client-only timesheets now show in the customer create credit note window.


Improved control of your database

  • You can now specify a date for and Bee user accounts to be automatically disabled.

19 Release-Version-3.7.0


  • To ensure compliance, an optional setting requires user’s to indicate they have permission to upload staff or client pictures.

Introducing a ‘Branch concept’

  • Group together selected areas under a common descriptor or branch name. From the staff details or the user details page, you can assign a branch to the record and all the relevant areas will be associated.

20 Release-Version-3.7.0

Client Group Extras

  • Client Group Extras have been added, along with an expiry report and group alerts. These are defined in System Setup.

Improvements to System Setup

  • An option has been added to System Setup to require users to select at least one note type when creating a note, making it easier to categorise notes.
  • Various pages within System Setup have been updated to include counts in the table listing, providing a visual aid to show how many records are kept within your database according to the chosen filters.
  • You can now duplicate cancellation policies within System Setup.
  • The users list within System Setup now has two additional options showing or hiding active and/or inactive users.
  • The System Setup page for the configuration of unplanned calls has been improved from a user experience point of view.
  • Occasionally, the ‘Schedule Times’ within System Setup would not save correctly. This has now been fixed.
  • Additional validation has been added to the mobile field within the System Setup users page.
  • The ‘System End Date’ tool will now also extend ‘Schedule’ dates.
  • To avoid confusion, we have updated the description of user licences within
Previously: Renamed to:
Admin Super user
Non-admin Admin
Read-only Read-only


General user experience improvements

  • The following areas have received general user experience improvements:
    • Client order and staff contract pages
    • Uncovered requirements page
    • Timesheet extract page
    • Staff breaks pop-up window
    • Various pages within Systems Setup
    • The editing area for ratesheets
    • The Optimiser has received numerous user experience improvements based on feedback from initial customer trials
  • You can now sort the results in the ‘Uncovered Requirements’ page by the time column.
  • Client and staff photos are now shown within the client and staff details page. If the browser window is not large enough, the photos will be hidden.

21 Release-Version-3.7.0

  • The right-click context menu is now fully visible when clicked near the edge of the browser window.
  • Previously, when using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, the pop-up for Client Group ‘barred pairings’ would not appear. This has now been fixed.
  • The cursor positioning in Firefox has been updated, in line with a recent Firefox update.
  • Pressing the ‘Enter’ button on the staff break window no longer calculates the break pay.

Improved navigation

  • When navigating between tabs on the client or staff details pages, or the order or contract pages, the system will now remember the last tab chosen and select that tab again as you navigate between pages.
  • Smart Navigation has been added to Client Groups. As a result, will remember which tab you previously selected when navigating between records.
  • You can now access internal messaging via the top navigation bar.

Download v3.7.0 Release Notes


If you have any questions about version 3.7.0 and any of the associated updates, please do not hesitate to contact the Webroster Customer Support Team. We are available from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Phone: 01733 516 030


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