Why keep your apps up to date?

Do you ever get frustrated that an app isn’t working as it should, giving an error message or not working at all? In most cases, it could well be that a simple software update is required.

Software updates are free and virtually painless (honest!). You purchased the app for a reason, so it is important to you that you make full use of the features and functionality it has to offer – however many people still don’t regularly update their apps.

An update will do three main things:

  1. Fix bugs

Software developers often bring out new versions of their apps to fix bugs or solve problems that you may have been experiencing.

  1. Update security protocol

New app versions often fix security vulnerabilities in older versions of software.

  1. Add new features

New versions of software often adds new features to improve functionality and usability.

Updating software is straight forward, most phones can be configured to receive notifications of available upgrades. Webroster’s Android and iPhone apps are regularly updated on the Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore respectively, so for these it is advised that users check their phones for available upgrades and follow the prompts.

(If for any reason the Google Play Store was not used to download and install our Android apps, then update notifications will not be sent, potentially leaving you with an outdated version of the software.)

Once you have installed the update, your apps will be fresh and ready to go! Make sure that you update early and often to so that you always have access to the latest version of the app.



About Webroster’s apps

Webroster Mobile

Webroster Mobile is an Android app for field staff to check in and out, get their roster and visit information all in real time.



PhotoTrac™ is an electronic call monitoring Android and iPhone app for field staff to check in and out of visits in real time.



For more information about Webroster’s online rostering software, go to https://www.webroster.co.uk

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