Webroster.net ‘revolutionises’ business for Sevilles

sevillesSevilles is a private care provider based in Reading, offering support to vulnerable adults and specialising in supporting people with mental health issues.

With 30 clients and 27 members of staff, they provide care for clients in their own homes, in Sevilles properties or in Housing Association or supported living accommodation. Sevilles have six of their own properties with individual tenants.  They offer a full range of care and support services for clients with  mental health issues enabling them to live more independent lives.
Sevilles have been using Webroster.net for six years, this has provided them with a paperless system for rostering and communicating schedules to staff.

Time Saving with online rostering

Rota Coordinator and Team Leader Daniel Mrema explains “The Webroster.net system has saved us a lot of time, the whole rostering process is much easier and our clients like it too. They are able to log into the system and see which carer will be coming to see them and when, giving them peace of mind and more control over their day.”

Sevilles use Webroster.net to roster staff to clients, generate time sheets for payroll and provide management reports. Using Webroster.net they are able to text staff their schedules and updates making communication to staff quick and easy.  “Our staff like the system too” says Daniel, “most of them have smart phones so are able to log in easily to the Staff Portal to view their roster online, they find that very convenient”.

Webroster.net is now a pivotal part of our business, it does so much.
Sharon Seville, Managing Director.

The system eliminates the need for paper rosters and reduces calls into the office enabling staff to focus on the client and not get distracted by paper work and phone calls.  “Webroster.net is now a pivotal part of our business, it does so much.  We’ve grown a lot and couldn’t keep on top of everything manually.” Explains Managing Director, Sharon Seville.Sevilles use Webroster.net

Recording Client well-being

The team at Sevilles make full use of the notes facility in Webroster.net where they record additional information about clients. Enabling staff to add information about client well-being and day to day information about their general situation is a useful supplement to the recording of tasks and care received. It also means that managers in the office can see instantly when there is an issue that needs to be reported to the Care Manager.  The system ensures that there is no delay in reporting a change to a client’s situation, information recorded in the field is instantly updated in Webroster.net.

Demonstrating compliance

In a recent Home Office spot check Sevilles were praised for the processes in place for keeping track of information. “The inspectors where particularly impressed with our use of the count-down system in Webroster.net which emails us when key documents are due to expire, such as driving licences, insurance certificates and visas.  This is enables us to demonstrate that we are fully complying with legal requirements”.  Said Sharon