The Apps Age

We really are in the age of the apps; there’s now an app to help with pretty much everything and anything you want to do, whether it is to record information, gather information, learn, share, entertain, shop, sell… and anything else!

It is hard to believe therefore that the first app store was only opened in 2008! (How on earth did we manage before then?) There are now well over 800,000 apps available for a wide range of different devices and people have on average between 15 and 48 apps on their phone.

So, are apps really the way forward or are they just a pointless novelty? Many commercial brands appear to now have apps of their own, but are they really useful and necessary or are these brands just jumping on the app bandwagon?

We think apps are great, but (yes, always a but!) as with all software, developers really need to consider the purpose of the app, who will use it and what they will use it for before creating it. Once the purpose of the app is well defined, it then must work correctly and efficiently for its intended use.

For example, if you downloaded an app for an online retailer, you would expect to be able to purchase items from the shop via the app; if you can’t, you are likely to get annoyed with it and it becomes one of those apps we’ve all got on our phones and never use! Often, a mobile website might be more appropriate; that way users will not be limited to a specific phone or operating system.

There are some really great apps out there which are useful, entertaining, fun, informative; some of which we wouldn’t be without! But all of these serve a purpose and match both the brand image and user expectations.


We’d like to know if you have come across any pointless apps; maybe you’ve found a retail app which you can’t buy from, or a recipe app which holds more useless information about the chef than recipes themselves. On the other hand, have you come across any apps that you can not live without?

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