Software purchase tips: Taking a different view

Demystifying the cloud

Software is a long term commitment not a one off purchase

When you invest in new software for your business choosing the right product is only the start. Choosing a solution that will have a big impact on the way you run your business day to day requires a clear understanding of your requirements and in-depth research into your options.

Furthermore, getting your team to buy into your software purchase and giving them training and support during the transition process is also key.webroster software training
But once you’re all set up and up and running is that it? Do you never hear from your software supplier again or only contact them if there’s a problem? Here are our tips for getting the most out of your purchase in the long run;

  1. Upgrades – find out how often your software will be upgraded, what the process is and whether there will be any interruption to service if it’s web based. What have previous upgrades involved and what cost has there been.
  2. Ongoing training – make sure you set aside budget for ongoing training. New staff joining your business will all require training. A train the trainer approach can work well in many instances but a fresher course directly from the supplier will ensure any new features or functionality is covered. As your business grows you may want to use your software package in slightly different ways requiring training on different aspects.
  3. MOT days – your car has an annual MOT so why not your software? MOT days are designed to make sure customers are getting the most out of their software and using it to its full extent. Tools like are powerful and flexible with a bespoke setup unique to each customer. Updating your knowledge as your businesses grows and changes is crucial to getting the most from your software purchase.
  4. Support and service – Make sure you ask the right questions! What kind of ongoing support will you get? How will you contact the support team if there’s a problem? Is there out of hours support? If your software is business critical this will be important.

For more information about choosing for your business please contact our sales team.

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