Faraha’s eLearning update #1

Computer Science graduate Faraha Malik has joined Webroster on a six month placement as part of the Peterborough Graduate Scheme, over the next few months Faraha will be giving regular updates on her time with Webroster.

Welcome to my first blog update on my project to re-launch the Webroster eLearning website.

The aim of my project is to provide Webroster customers with an online access to help guides and user manuals.  I want to provide a user friendly eLearning site, with quick and easy access to information and documents needed to successfully utilize webroster.net to its full potential.

At this stage of the project, I am developing the front end design of the eLearning site, making sure the style and the design is aesthetically pleasing and consistent with Webroster branding.webroster.net eLearning

To achieve this I am learning a programming language called Ruby, an interpreted scripting language designed to make programming easy and fun. To help me with this I am reading an interesting book called ‘why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby’ also known as ‘The poignant guide’ written by why the lucky stiff.  The book is a unique and fascinating introduction to the Ruby programming language.  Unusually for a book about programming it contains quite a lot of (rather strange) humour and cartoon foxes!

This is my first time in commercial environment after graduating and I am very lucky to have a supportive development team to be working with, I’m really enjoying my time at Webroster.

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