Enjoy a breath of fresh air with the Webroster.net ‘Audit’ module

Workforce management software provider, Webroster Ltd reinforces its green credentials with a tree planting scheme to promote the re-launch of the Webroster.net ‘Audit’ module.

‘Audit’ is an optional module which users can add on to their Webroster.net rostering system. It tracks what changes were made to the system, when and by whom, giving managers a complete system overview and allowing full accountability.

A recent development to the module means that system users can now simply click a ‘History’ button to see the audit information on screen, whereas previously they would have needed to print out a series of reports to get the information they need.  The changes mean that the module can be used in a completely paper-free way helping Webroster.net customers to reduce their carbon footprint. To promote these environmental benefits, Webroster Ltd will plant a tree for every Audit module sold between May and October 2014.Tree1SM

Marketing Manager Naomi Dainty said: “For every Audit module sold Webroster Ltd will be planting a tree, we thought this would be a fun way to remind our customers of the environmental benefits of the solution.  Every customer will receive a certificate on recycled paper and can even view the location of their tree online and see the species that was planted on their behalf.”

The trees will be planted in Nene Valley Park; an area of lakes, meadows and woodland close to Webroster’s head office in Peterborough. Since Spring 2013, over 1500 trees have already been planted, to which Webroster’s trees will be added. Species of trees in the park include Alder, Alder Buckthorn, Blackthorn, Common Broom, Common Gorse, Common Hawthorn, Dog Rose, European Rowan, Guelder, Rose, Purging Buckthorn, Scots Pine and Silver Birch.Nene Valley Park

Webroster’s Managing Director, Nigel Gittins said: “As a software provider, we are keen to help businesses reduce the amount of paper they use. Through the Plant a Tree campaign, we aim to help our customers understand just how much they are benefiting the environment simply by using technology and the internet to store and manage information, instead of physical paperwork”.

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