Additional level of security added to Bee app

bee_icon_96x96Webroster’s field staff app, Bee, is an Android app which combines electronic call monitoring (ECM) with the functionality for field staff to view their own working schedules, bookings and client information. The Webroster development team have recently built in additional security using SQL Cipher, raising the data security bar far beyond that offered by the Android operating System.   This makes Bee the ideal solution for accessing data securely for field based carers.

SQLCipher is used by a host of top companies including NASA, Motorola and UBS and has been adopted as a secure database solution by many commercial and open source products, making it one of the most popular encrypted database platforms for mobile, embedded, and desktop applications.

Bee is an all-encompassing and easy to use application which reduces the need to print and post worksheets to field staff and allows them to see detailed information about their working schedule in real time.  Staff can also make use of the additional benefits of using an Android mobile phone, such as using emails to accept or decline booking enquires and using sat nav to get from client to client.

Webroster recognise that data security is a key issue for all businesses but especially for care agencies needing to access sensitive personal details about individuals in the field.  This new added level of security for Bee will give peace of mind to the agency, staff and client.

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