Webwire Winter 2015

Welcome to our winter Webwire!

2015 promises to be an exciting year for Webroster, we’ve got plenty of new developments on our road map to share with you throughout the year.
We are looking forward to catching up with as many of you as possible and hearing your plans for 2015 at our Customer Day in June.


Keeping field based carers happy with Bee

Key to delivering great customer service is to have a happy and motivated team. When working with field based staff this is especially challenging but keeping remote workers informed can be a great way to increase motivation and boost morale.

Used in conjunction with Webroster.net, the Bee app is designed specifically for field based staff enabling them to access the information they need to carry out their role whilst on the road.Webroster Bee app

Field based staff are the front line in terms of delivering great customer service, keeping them informed reduces stress and makes them feel part of a team.

The Webroster.net Bee app;Webroster Bee app

      • Saves time and costs in communicating roster and timesheet changes.
      • Is intuitive and easy to use.
      • Gives staff instant access to information.
      • Collects information about completed and incomplete tasks in real time.
      • Reduces administration as systems are updated in real-time.
      • Improves lone worker safety by allowing staff to access the SOS button in emergency situations.

As a result of feedback from our customers, the next version of Webroster.net (V3.3.0) will include an update to Bee (V2.3.0) to include Bee Messaging. Managers will be able to message all their staff with Bee directly with company wide information. For example, they can inform all staff that their payslip is available online, saving SMS costs.Webroster Bee app
Using Bee Messaging Managers will also be able to see whether messages have been read and when, and users will be able to favourite important messages.

Bee Messaging will give the option to send booking enquiries via Bee enabling staff with Bee to accept or decline a booking request within the app rather than having to remember to check their emails. In addition, a group of booking enquires can be sent and accepted in one go, this will give staff visibility of all booking enquiries in one place and speed up the process of accepting or declining the bookings.

For more information about Bee click here or to learn more about Bee Messaging please contact your Account Manager 01733 311599.

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First Class Customer Support

If you raise a support case with us you may think that once it’s resolved and closed that’s the end for us, but it’s not!  After each case is closed we will send you a feedback form to fill in, this is your chance to let us know your thoughts on the support you received and the team itself.

Even if everything went well and you were pleased, we’d still like to know. Feedback is not about only looking for areas where we need to improve, we’d like to know what you like about our support so we can do more of it!

The feedback we receive is used across the company to help improve our processes and for staff development.  It will often be used in staff appraisals as well as included in product development plans.

For all support issues contact support@webroster.com or call 01733 516030

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Are your Bee users up to date?

Are your staff with the Bee app running the latest version?  Using the latest version of the app will mean you benefit from any new functionality or bug fixes.

Version 2.2.0 is the most up to date and includes Outcomes functionality which enables field staff to log scores to Outcome based Tasks directly from the field.Bee App
There is also the optional ability to use a four digit PIN number to log into Bee, instead of the three point password  process.
Updates to Bee are available from the Google Play Store. The Bee app is downloaded to each phone individually so every phone using Bee needs to be upgraded when a new version released.
We encourage staff to set their phones up for automatic updates, if you require any help with this or are unsure of which version you are using please contact the customer support team support@webroster.com or call 01733 516030.

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Designed for well-being

Ever wondered why Webroster.net looks the way it does?  Our software development team put as much effort into the look and feel of Webroster.net as the functionality.

We believe that wellbeing and productivity can be improved through efficient and familiar system design.Webroster.net designed for well-being
As Webroster.net users spend hours at a time using our system during the course of their working day, the system has been  designed with this in mind.
The user interface has been carefully created to combine colours and styles which are known be easy to look at on screen for long periods of time without suffering from eye strain or headaches.
To make it easy to find your way around, familiar icons and functions are used to create an intuitive  design. Consistency builds confidence and familiarity, so over time users stop ‘looking’ for their way around and start to know instinctively what to expect. Buttons and navigation are where you would expect to find them and data is displayed in a  consistent format from screen to screen.
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Support Corner

How do I manage Bee users in Webroster.net?

To add a staff user to Webroster.net you first need to configure the user as a Staff member on the main Webroster system. To add a staff user go to Setup and choose Users from the drop down list.  Click New User and select the user type as Staff from the drop down list.  Choose the staff  member in the pop up window and ensure the Staff Portal and Bee options are enabled under User System Permissions.

A Bee dashboard is now available, this give an overview of all your Bee apps.  Access to the Bee dashboard is controlled by group permissions. To control access to the Bee dashboard choose the ‘global’ option then editing the group permissions table and tick the appropriate options and save. Once in the Bee dashboard, which is accessed in the Global area of Webroster.net, the status of the phones running Bee will be shown and if there are no phones connected you will be notified.

You will be able to see;

  • The user name logged on
  • Phone model
  • Carrier
  • Version of Bee installed – to communicate with the dashboard, the phone must be running the latest version of Bee.

From the Bee dashboard there is the option to remotely wipe the database held on a phone running the Bee app. This is useful when the member of staff has left employment. The action will log the staff member out of Bee, just click the ‘wipe database’ button and confirm.  The status of the Bee app will reflect this change.

Instructions for Bee are available in eLearning, if you require training on Bee this can be arranged through your Account Manager.

support@webroster.com                   01733 516030                      Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm

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Getting together: Webroster 2015 Events


Our customer events proved to be very popular in 2014 and we obtained some great feedback from our User Open Days and Strategic Road Shows.staff engagement

We’ve taken your comments on board and this year will be launching our bigger and better customer events, starting with our Customer Day in June.

Keep an eye on our events page on our website for more information and look out for your invitation in your inbox.

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