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Bee app secure solution for reablement care

Home care staff visiting a number of clients with very different reablement care packages are able to use the Webroster Bee app to log in at the client’s location using their mobile phone. Using the Bee app the client’s scores for their ability to perform agreed tasks are recorded using the carer’s mobile phone, therefore reducing administration time.

Field staff can access the client’s record and log their progress and scores for key tasks at the point of care delivery. This saves time by recording data instantly rather than having to manually input data at a later date running the risk of inputting errors.

Outcomes is integrated functionality within the latest version of the Webroster.net rostering system (V3.2) and the Bee app. Outcomes has been specifically designed for managing reablement care plans which aim to provide short term care packages of homecare following a patient’s discharge from hospital or entry into the care system following a crisis. Organisations providing this type of care need to set up individually tailored care plans for each client and log their progress over a short period of time.

The latest version of Bee has also been updated to give users the option to login using a four digit PIN instead of the existing three point validation. The same level of security is retained but is much quicker and easier for the user, this option is available with the latest version of the Bee app (2.1.0).

Data security is at the forefront of Bee with built in SQLCipher technology to encrypt the database. This means that should the app fall into the wrong hands, any data stored in it will not be viewable by plain text.

SQLCipher is used by a host of top companies including NASA, Motorola and UBS and has been adopted as a secure database solution by many commercial and open source products, making it one of the most popular encrypted database platforms for mobile, embedded, and desktop applications.

Using Outcomes and the Bee app managers can manage individual client reablement care packages and communicate changes and updates to staff quickly and securely.

“With carers in the field using the Bee app, scores for tasks are recorded electronically with no additional paperwork required.” Says Darren Evans, Commercial Director at Webroster Ltd. “Care Managers can be confident that a client’s details are as secure as possible whilst still being accessible to field based staff.”

Strategic Road Shows

We’ve been on the road this autumn hosting a number of Strategic Road Shows up and down the country.  The Road Shows were tailored for private businesses or Local Authorities and were a great networking  opportunity. Attendees were shown our new product development road map, heard more about our Optimization project and our plans to introduce in-app messaging to Bee.

The Road Shows received very positive feedback with 90% of people rating the day either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ overall.  Our new product development and system updates are led by our customers and the Strategic Road Shows are just one of the ways we ask for your feedback and input

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