Why do field staff love Bee?

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Our Bee app gives field staff all the information they need to do their job, at the touch of a button. But what do our real Bee users think of the app? We asked a group of field based care staff and they told us they love Bee because…

Happy Staff with Bee

  • They can see where they are supposed to be at what time
  • Bee is simple to navigate and looks good
  • Bee gives them all the details they need about their clients easily
  • Bee is quick, easy, efficient and straight forward to use
  • Using Bee is easier than ringing the office for information
  • Bee makes their life easier
  • Bee means less paperwork
  • Bee means clients do not have to sign timesheets
  • Bee is more convenient than carrying a lot of paper

81% of the Bee users surveyed said they find the app easy or very easy to use

82% of the Bee users surveyed would recommend the app to a friend

If you want happy staff too, contact our team today, or why not try our Happy Staff recipe.

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