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The Hub

Domiciliary care software for local government authorities

Receive and monitor care-related data from your external care providers

Stress-free and seamless care management

If you work with a private company to deliver care within your community, The Hub allows you to manage it all from one, central Webroster.net system – regardless of your provider’s choice of rostering software and electronic call monitoring.  

The Hub gives you and your providers a way of working with different software and, as a result, you’ll find your working partnerships much easier to manage. 

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Strip out inaccuracies with domiciliary care software designed for local government authorities

We know you face unique challenges – and that you need the software to enable you to efficiently and accurately analyse, compare and pay for the care delivered in your community. The Hub has been designed to help you do just that.

The Hub receives electronic call monitoring data – or check-in and check-out information – from each of your external care providers. You can then see that instant data from your providers – and charge per minute of care delivered. There’s no rounding up of hours or paying a lump sum based on contracted hours. Eliminate mistakes when paying providers: with The Hub you won’t risk overspending.  

Speak to us about The Hub and how it can help you deliver care in your community: call 01733 311 599 or email webroster.sales@theaccessgroup.com

Cloud-based software for local government authorities

The Hub works with Webroster.net as a cloud-based software solution. That means you can access The Hub, and all of its valuable information, any time, anywhere and on any device.

Even better – because we adopt an open approach to integrations with our software, you can integrate The Hub with your choice of finance and reporting solutions. Just speak to the Webroster team about your requirements.

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What are the benefits of The Hub?

  • Eliminate the risk of overspending – see exactly how long providers spend delivering care in real time. Only pay for what has been delivered, instead of a speculative lump sum or rounded-up hours.  
  • Seamlessly manage service plans, timesheets, invoicing and more between you and your external care providers. 
  • Run reports to analyse your suppliers’ delivered hours, summarise the care provided and identify anomalies in timesheets. 
  • Let your providers use their choice of software – The Hub is flexible and lets you integrate with their choice of system. 
  • Integrate with your providers’ choice of electronic call monitoring: their ECM information is sent to your central system, including information on actual vs. scheduled times. 

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