Could technology help reduce the amount of short visits for care providers?

A recent statement by Leonard Cheshire Disability has underlined just how serious the issue of short, 15 minute care visits is. The BBC article ( says: “In England, 60% of councils use 15-minute visits, which are not long enough to provide adequate care Leonard Cheshire Disability says. The charity says such visits can “force disabled people to choose whether to go thirsty or to go to the toilet”. DataRead more

Technology helps to balance the power of zero hours contracts

The revelation that nearly 1 million people in the UK are working under zero hours contracts has brought questions of exploitation and ethics. But technological developments could help to give staff a little more control…   In a recent BBC article, Dave Prentis, general secretary of the Unison union, said: “The vast majority of workers are only on these contracts because they have no choice. They may give flexibilityRead more

Can Technology Help the Home Care Crisis?

As crisis talks are being held to discuss the current home care situation, Care Minister Norman Lamb says that continuity of care and fair wages are key components to improving the quality of home care. The BBC reports that “continuity will be called for, so people are familiar with their carers.” ( and Norman Lamb commented that “Those in need of care should not have to endure a “paradeRead more

What to look for when choosing a new software provider

Happy customers Find out who the provider’s customers are, what products or services they use and how long they have used the software for. If the provider has a high customer retention rate then they are doing something right! Ask to speak with or visit some of their customers to get a feel for the relationship that they have with the provider. Investment in research and development The relationshipRead more

Contrasts in Technology Uptake

The BBC recently wrote about the NHS’s troubled relationship with technology ( which made us think about the vast contrast between organisations which use technology to the max and those which appear to be stuck in the past. It is astonishing to think how much we rely on technology to go about our everyday lives. So much can now be done either online or using technology of some kind;Read more

How Technology Influences Buyer Behaviour

We might be a little biased about using technology to become more efficient in the workplace, but this month we are taking a look at the use of technology in other areas of life. An article by Richard Nicholls ( explores how technology has changed buyer behaviour; the way we shop and the way business is done – the buyer is now in control. “Technology has of course beenRead more

The Apps Age

We really are in the age of the apps; there’s now an app to help with pretty much everything and anything you want to do, whether it is to record information, gather information, learn, share, entertain, shop, sell… and anything else! It is hard to believe therefore that the first app store was only opened in 2008! (How on earth did we manage before then?) There are now wellRead more

Using Technology to Improve Lone Worker Safety

  The NHS defines lone working as: “any situation or location in which someone works without a colleague nearby; or when someone is working out of sight or earshot of another colleague.” Working alone can be dangerous, especially when workers are required to go into other people’s homes and travel alone in unsafe areas. Lone worker safety involves safeguarding those who are at risk whilst also providing reassurance toRead more

7 Reasons to use a Rostering System

1. Spend more time running your business Using a rostering system will save administration time involved in creating rosters, processing and verifying timesheets and communicating with staff and customers. This means you and your staff spend less time doing these little jobs (which seem to take forever!) and leaves you more time to spend on running your business. 2. Become more profitable Time = money, so if you canRead more

Technology Predictions for 2013

Technology is being developed faster than we ever imagined, so to celebrate the New Year, we asked our team of developers, technicians and consultants what they think we can expect from the techie world 2013… Dual-SIM Phones This new generation of mobile phones enables two SIMs to be used within the phone, for example, one for personal use and one for business. Both can be used from the oneRead more

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