Customer Experience team tips for software success

The Webroster Customer Experience team share their top tips on getting the most out of your new software and highlight the importance of great customer support.


Wispay Payroll Real Time Information submissions exceed industry average

Webroster’s Wispay Payroll; a flexible and all-encompassing payroll solution, has again exceeded the industry average for Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC.

7 tips for getting staff to use new software

Staff who have been used to doing things the same way for a long time often resist a change, especially when it involves having to learn how to use new software. Getting staff involved prior to selecting a system and ensuring they are fully engaged in its implementation are key to its successful adoption throughout a business.

Taking a closer look at what makes us user friendly

When choosing a software system for your business the look and feel of the software can be just as important as the functionality. We understand that many Webroster.net users spend hours at a time using our system during the course of their working day and the system has been designed with this in mind.

Webroster launch Outcomes for managing reablement care packages

Using Outcomes managers will be able to manage individual client reablement care packages and communicate changes and updates to staff quickly and easily. As the client progresses care managers will be able to reduce the number of visits allocated or if they need additional support they can roster the appropriately qualified member of staff to give them extra help.

Webroster enhance software team with local graduate talent

Webroster Ltd is one of the eleven companies in Peterborough taking on graduates as part of a venture to improve innovation. Computer Science graduate Faraha Malik has joined Webroster for a six month placement as part of the Peterborough Graduate Scheme and will be working on the Webroster.net eLearning customer website.

Another successful User Open Day for Webroster.net users

On 29th May 2014 Webroster opened its doors for a User Open day, welcoming over 25 Webroster.net users from all over the country for an informative and useful day at its Peterborough head office

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