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Getting ready for Rio: a massive staff scheduling challenge

As the eyes of the world turn to Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the organisers have been preparing for years in advance. With over 10,500 athletes arriving from over 206 countries the task of organising accommodation, facilities and staffing is huge. Can you imagine having to roster 45,000 volunteers, 85,000 outsourced staff and 6,500 employees? Using an online system such as streamlines the rostering process. Available staffRead more

Customer support team apprentice ‘revolutionises’ business for Sevilles has removed the need for manual processes and now plays a pivotal role in the business for Sevilles, a homecare provider based in Reading.

2015 Technology trends for the care sector

Maybe one day carers will check their roster on a smart watch, use a driverless car to get to the next appointment and check a client’s heart rate before they’ve even entered their home! But in the meantime nothing can beat face to face, one to one care.

Did you know you can apply for a Destination Digital Grant to help fund your staff rostering system?

Destination Digital is a new countywide scheme to help hundreds of small and medium sized businesses get better broadband connectivity and utilise digital technology. Destination Digital grants can be used to fund rostering software for home care providers in Cambridgeshire.

How to make your rostering more efficient

A great tip to increase efficiency and productivity in your businesses is to fully utilise the resources you already have. Often we’re told technology is a great way to do this, sounds so easy doesn’t it? But the thought of investing in another gadget or using yet another software package can seem like more of a hassle than an efficiency saving. Take a closer look at what you can get out of your rostering system. Introduces Real Time Mapping

Workforce management software provider, has enhanced its existing mapping functionality by launching a new module for visual field staff management in real time. The new ‘Real Time Mapping’ functionality was released in February and allows managers to track the location of their field staff in real time. This means that customers can improve the quality of their service by ensuring that field staff are where they should be.Read more

Mobile working

Future Home Care Uses and VOIPTrac™ to make savings

Founded in 2004 to provide home-based support services to people with learning disabilities, Future Home Care is saving significant amounts of time and money by using online staff management system Switching from a manual to electronic approach to staff rostering and timesheets in 2005, the Birmingham-based company now operates 57 user licences and uses the company’s VOIPTrac™ call monitoring system to manage its 996 support workers. FutureRead more

How to eliminate mistakes and improve quality? Automate workforce management processes!

Mistakes caused by human error effect many businesses. These could be anything from a day to day lack of consistency and accuracy to forgetting to do something important or processes being put on hold whilst someone is away on holiday. So what common human errors can an automated workforce management system eliminate? Timesheets Timesheets can be automatically generated and verified in real time, meaning no mistakes in the manualRead more

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