Webroster 2014 Highlights

A quick look back at the highlights of 2014 for Webroster.net, including the launch of the Outcomes functionality, Real Time Mapping module and the Webroster User Open Days.

Webroster launch Outcomes for managing reablement care packages

Using Outcomes managers will be able to manage individual client reablement care packages and communicate changes and updates to staff quickly and easily. As the client progresses care managers will be able to reduce the number of visits allocated or if they need additional support they can roster the appropriately qualified member of staff to give them extra help.

Top tips for managing reablement care packages – communication is the key!

Reablement or rehabilitation care plans are becoming the norm in many areas of the UK, they aim to keep people out of hospital and living in their own homes. Reablement is also positive for carers as they see benefits for the client first hand.

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