What are saved searches and why use them?

What are saved searches? A saved search is a set of criteria which you can build up within your software system to segment records into groups or data sets which are useful to you. These are usually generated by creating your search criteria and saving this so that it can easily be run again at any time.   You can then easily access that particular set of records withoutRead more

7 tips for using online software

We asked our support technicians what common mistakes people make when using software systems, so here are our 7 tips for using online software. Windows updates: It is important to always run your Windows updates to ensure you are using the most up to date version of your internet browser and Java. This will help your online system to run smoother and become more secure. Subscribe to online knowledgeRead more

Weatherproof your business

The chances are, wherever you are in the country you have been affected by snow over the past week. Many people cannot get their cars off their drive, let alone get into work! Schools and offices throughout the country are shut, meetings have been cancelled and parents have had to take time off work to provide childcare when schools are shut. As a result, businesses may experience a lossRead more

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