How to choose the right software for your growing business

When you’re running your own business spending time researching and investigating new technology or software can easily be pushed down your ‘To do’ list as the daily pressures of running a business take over. To help, we’ve compiled a quick list of points to remember when choosing software:

Another successful User Open Day for users

On 29th May 2014 Webroster opened its doors for a User Open day, welcoming over 25 users from all over the country for an informative and useful day at its Peterborough head office

Webroster Ltd opens its doors to users for instructive Open Day users can expect a warm welcome at Webroster’s User Open Day at its head office in Peterborough on 29 May 2014.  As part  of its on going commitment to improve user experience and customer service Webroster will be providing users with an opportunity to learn about best practice, hear about new features and pick up hints and tips to make their jobs easier. Webroster Ltd’s main product,Read more

7 Reasons to use a Rostering System

1. Spend more time running your business Using a rostering system will save administration time involved in creating rosters, processing and verifying timesheets and communicating with staff and customers. This means you and your staff spend less time doing these little jobs (which seem to take forever!) and leaves you more time to spend on running your business. 2. Become more profitable Time = money, so if you canRead more

How does system design affect usability?

We all use software systems day in day out, but do we ever really think about how easy they are to use, or do we simply get on with the job in hand? Probably the latter, however a good software system will have been graphically designed with usability in mind, not just to look good. So how does the GUI design really affect the usability of a system? WellRead more

How to eliminate mistakes and improve quality? Automate workforce management processes!

Mistakes caused by human error effect many businesses. These could be anything from a day to day lack of consistency and accuracy to forgetting to do something important or processes being put on hold whilst someone is away on holiday. So what common human errors can an automated workforce management system eliminate? Timesheets Timesheets can be automatically generated and verified in real time, meaning no mistakes in the manualRead more

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