2015 Technology trends for the care sector

Maybe one day carers will check their roster on a smart watch, use a driverless car to get to the next appointment and check a client’s heart rate before they’ve even entered their home! But in the meantime nothing can beat face to face, one to one care.

Focus on caring: Your guide to using mobile technology to increase efficiency

NFC is increasingly being adopted by home care companies with field based workers who use their mobile phones to register their location and log client visits. When used in conjunction with workforce management software the real time nature of NFC technology delivers additional benefits such as lone worker monitoring.

Do you manage a remote workforce?

Your staff represent your business every time they have any contact with a client, colleague from another service or commissioning body. By ensuring staff are well informed about your business and your company culture they will be able to reflect your business in the right way. Staff can be kept informed using mobile technology such as email, SMS and web portals so you can be confident that they are presenting your business how you’d like it to be perceived.

Streamline travel time and mileage calculations

Ensuring enough travelling time is catered for between daily bookings has financial as well as service benefits

Webroster present 2014 Care Team award to Trident Reach the People Charity at prestigious Great British Home Care Awards

Anna Nip and her team receive the recognition that they have been entitled to for so long as they win the prestigious Care Team Award at the 2014 Great British Home Care Awards

Can Technology Help the Home Care Crisis?

As crisis talks are being held to discuss the current home care situation, Care Minister Norman Lamb says that continuity of care and fair wages are key components to improving the quality of home care. The BBC reports that “continuity will be called for, so people are familiar with their carers.” (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-22883708) and Norman Lamb commented that “Those in need of care should not have to endure a “paradeRead more

Service user portals support independence

With increasing numbers of elderly people regularly using computers, mobile phones and the internet, is there any wonder that client portals are an excellent way of reducing time and costs involved in the homecare industry? If service users were able to access their own individual portal they could log in to view their own scheduled visits and details of the services they will be receiving. They could even seeRead more

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