Demystifying the cloud

Like many other applications used every day has always been a cloud based software application. Whether you’re using Facebook, or online shopping if you knew it or not, you’re computing in the cloud! There are many benefits of using cloud based computing. Applications can be accessed anywhere, any time making it a highly flexible solution. So if has always been based in the cloud what isRead more

Working from the cloud

We were intrigued by this story of a French businessman who managed to operate his business for 40 days from a desert island in the Indonesian archipelago! The Guardian reported: On 8 October, [Gauthier Toulemonde] left his home in Lille with four towel-sized solar panels, a windmill, a laptop computer, a tablet computer and two satellite phones. Toulemonde, who had a budget of €10,000 (£8,300) for the adventure, including €20Read more

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