Webroster.net release new Bee app for iPhones

Bee v1.0.1 for iPhones is now available from the Apple App Store for iPhone 5 and above, running iOS 8 and higher. Bee is an innovative smartphone app for mobile working and electronic monitoring. Using the Bee app for iPhones field staff no longer need to carry around reams of paperwork, all the information they need for each visit and client is quickly and easily available on their phone.Read more

Cider enables Apple apps to run on Android devices

Postgraduate researchers at Columbia University have developed innovative new software that enables Android and Apple apps to run on the same devices.  Currently a prototype, the team have no plans for Cider to be a commercial product.  However device manufacturers will be extremely interested in the news as Cider would enable Android gadget owners to have both Android and iOS apps on their phone or tablet. Currently both AndroidRead more

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