Travel and mapping

Powerful tools to manage complicated field-staff rosters

Oversee staff whereabouts, manage travel expenses and book visits based on location with ease

Easily manage schedules

Your care coordinators need to juggle a lot when managing field staff: mapping routes; booking urgent requirements; minimising travel expenses; checking staff whereabouts. Getting any of these factors wrong could have significant implications for cost, care and consistency.

That’s where Travel and Mapping come in.

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  • Map client locations
  • Calculate travel time and mileage
  • Choose from different travel modes to accurately allocate travel time and expenses

Mapping staff whereabouts using Travel helps achieve route optimisation with carefully planned schedules that avoid spikes and one-way journeys.

Travel calculates the travel time and mileage required for a member of field staff to attend a booking. This information is then used to create optimised, effective rosters. Travel expenses are also incorporated into invoices and payroll, to ensure both are accurate.

You can specify your own mode of travel or specify that a staff member will be driving, cycling or walking to a booking. will then automatically allocate travel time and the expenses for that journey will be updated to match the mode of transport.

The result is that your team can save time and money spent on travelling and manual mileage claim forms can be eliminated. Plus you can be confident that enough travel time has been allocated between bookings – Travel will notify you if there is insufficient time for staff to get from one booking to the next.



  • Oversee staff whereabouts
  • Accurately look up addresses
  • View real time locations of staff and clients

Managing field staff can be a challenge, particularly in the care industry where their presence at a particular location is so critical to the care and wellbeing of clients. Mapping uses GPS, electronic monitoring systems and your roster to determine a staff member’s location, which is then displayed on a map.

This allows care coordinators to identify staff that are closest to an emergency and improves quality of service in ensuring staff are where they should be.

Mapping also helps you quickly create rosters. You can easily drag and drop a pin onto the map to select a location.

Integrated travel and mapping’s Travel and Mapping features were developed when our MD saw a customer switching between Google Maps and to map customer locations, optimise routes and create staff rotas. It was clearly a time consuming process, which Nigel recognised could be mitigated with travel and mapping functionality integrated within The aim was to provide coordinators with information on staff whereabouts, travel times and mileage costs, all within so they could create effective rosters at the same time.

Managing field staff can be a challenge without the right software in place. If you find your staff juggling complicated routes and staff whereabouts, learn more about how could help. Book a demo today or call us on 01733 311599

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