Optimiser - AI Rostering


Your opportunity to trial our new automatic rostering module

Automatically allocate staff to client requirements

What is Optimiser?

Optimiser is a Webroster.net module that automatically allocates staff to client requirements or care visits with the aim of helping you achieve:

  • Increased profits
  • Better continuity of service
  • Reduced travel times and distances for staff members
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Improved quality of care
  • A roster that offers the best balance of all these outcomes

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Optimiser - AI Rostering

Artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, Optimiser will use the information in your database to utilise staff in the most efficient way, according to your preferences.

Plus, you stay in control of your rostering: you can accept, cancel, or tweak the recommended solution created by Optimiser before anything is applied onto staff and client rosters.

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Your opportunity to trial Optimiser

As a Webroster customer we are calling for you to trial this cutting-edge technology. We are offering you the exclusive opportunity to take part in testing Optimiser for your business. Our team of experts will provide you with support through every stage of the trial, whilst you will be able to discover the incredible difference Optimiser can make for you, your teams and business.

Contact us now to learn more about being amongst the first trial Optimiser:

Email sales@webroster.com or call 01733 311 599

Created through a market-leading partnership

Optimiser has been created using the very best knowledge in the industry, so you can trust and rely upon its abilities.

Collaborating with the University of Nottingham, Webroster completed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership to develop the module. Today, Optimiser is leading the industry in helping care organisations become more efficient and confident in their schedules.

The benefits of Optimiser

Optimiser never needs a break

You can rely on Optimiser 24/7 to deliver the very best rosters for your business.

Stop the guesswork

Stop trying to guess the most optimised schedule, Optimiser automatically creates schedules optimised according to what you want to achieve.

Be efficient

Optimiser is quick and easy to use.

Stop reacting to the past

Forward forecast with artificial intelligence providing the data you need to make informed business decisions. For example, identify where you need increased staffing levels or where you may have capacity for more care visits.

Provide consistency

Optimiser will prioritise your values each and every time it creates a schedule; it will never be emotionally entangled in your business and won’t take a day off.

Make your contracts work

Create optimised runs that mean your local authority contracts can now make good business-sense.

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