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Time and attendance software to help simplify your mobile workforce management

Track check-ins and check-outs with electronic call monitoring and Webroster.net

Automated and streamlined

Paper timesheets are costly. Not only in the cost of the physical timesheets but in the time spent by office staff inputting data, following-up on inconsistencies and in calculating where deviations need to result in extra pay or charges.

With electronic call monitoring and Webroster.net all of that is automated and streamlined.

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How does the Webroster time and attendance software work?

Field staff check-in to a visit when they arrive at the client’s location. This can be done by:

  • calling a phone number;
  • scanning a QR code at the client’s location using our mobile workforce app, Bee,
  • or by placing a phone, with the Bee app, in close proximity to a near field communications (NFC) tag at the client’s location.

Each of the above actions will send details of the identity of the staff member and their location to Webroster.net with a date and time stamp.

Automatic verification

Once received by Webroster.net, the data is automatically processed and compared to the information in the roster. If the actual time and location information meets that of the scheduled visit, the timesheet will be automatically verified and can then be used for payroll and invoicing.

Use our time and attendance software with Alert Manager…

Should there be a discrepancy between the information received by the check-in and the scheduled information in Webroster.net, an alert will be raised through Alert Manager.

Electronic call monitoring

Electronic call monitoring (ECM) works with Webroster.net to create a time and attendance software solution that provides you with:

  • Reduced administration resources

Timesheets will be automatically verified with real time data.

  • Improved quality of service

Invoices, payroll and service delivery times can become more accurate with actual check-in times.

  • Evidence of service delivery

The whereabouts of staff is automatically recorded thanks to ECM, so you are able to give accurate proof of service delivery.

  • Proactively manage schedule deviations

Use our time and attendance software in conjunction with Alert Manager and you’ll be notified of when check-ins or check-outs do not match the roster. As a result, you can be proactive in preventing or resolving any issues that may arise due to a deviation in the schedule.

  • Improved cash flow

Electronic monitoring systems verify timesheets automatically, meaning that invoices can be raised (and paid) quicker – all whilst saving you time.

Discover a time and attendance system that is integrated with your rostering software and streamline your workforce management.

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