Communicate with employees, suppliers and clients via text

You need to clearly communicate with your staff and clients every day. SMS via makes that quick and easy to do

How does the SMS module work?

Simply send a text message from your workforce management software,, to any selection of staff, clients or suppliers as individuals or groups.

Text messages can be sent on an ad-hoc basis, as and when you need, or regularly – for example, on a weekly basis when schedules are released.

You can also set-up automated messaging: a useful tool for automatically communicating with staff via text when their rota changes or with clients if their care schedule is updated.

The benefits of client communications and workforce management via SMS

  • Text messages are easy to receive and respond to, making communications quick and simple for clients and staff.
  • SMS is a fast communications channel, making it ideal for urgent or time-sensitive messages.
  • Text messages are easy to send, saving coordinators time calling staff and clients one-by-one.

Are you looking to communicate with staff and clients:

  • more effectively;
  • in a more time and cost-efficient way,
  • and in a manner that is easy for them to respond to?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above, then the Webroster SMS module could offer significant improvements for your staff and client communications.


Did you know?

You can also use the SMS module as a back-up communication channel, for emergency messages to staff and clients. Learn more about ensuring you always have a way to communicate with the people that matter, get in touch with the Webroster team.

Alert Manager

You can also use SMS in conjunction with Alert Manager to receive text message alerts when there is a deviation from your schedule in Find out more about Alert Manager

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