An easy to use smartphone app for busy field staff

Bee is an employee app with check-in, messaging, SOS, GPS, roster features, and much, much more

“Field staff are happy and can get on with their jobs. Office staff are happy as they have saved over 51 hours. Our payroll manager loves Bee as payroll and time sheets are always confirmed on time!”

Lauren, Adminstrator at Crossroads Care Forest of Dean and Herefordshire

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On-the-go access

Bee gives field-based staff on-the-go access to information about their bookings, visits and clients, with changes and updates to their schedules communicated in real time.

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The benefits of Bee, the Webroster employee app

Bee offers wide-ranging benefits for field staff and office-based staff, as well as presenting real cost-savings and improved efficiencies for business owners.

Know where staff are and when

Along with many other features, Bee is a staff check in app; that means you can see whether staff have checked-in or out of a visit, a crucial measure in ensuring quality service delivery, transparency and employee safety.

When used in conjunction with Webroster Mapping Bee works as a staff tracking app by showing the location of Bee users on a map. Find out more about Webroster Mapping.

Streamlined communications

Staff can view their up-to-date roster up to nine days in the past or into the future via Bee, which is automatically synced with the latest information in With instant messaging features too, Bee saves administrative staff time and stress when relaying roster changes.

Less time spent processing timesheets

Bee integrates directly with your payroll and invoice processes, meaning you can spend less time processing timesheets and inputting data.

Improved lone worker safety

With an SOS button, Bee acts as a lone worker app by providing staff with a quick and safe way to notify administrators if their safety is compromised.

Improved service delivery

Staff will feel confident that they have the client information they need via Bee. Plus, staff can easily record client progress and log tasks – crucial features, particularly for reablement and improving outcomes.

Happier field staff

Staff can streamline their working processes by tapping into smartphone features like a Sat Nav via Bee. Plus, with instant messaging and a quick and easy way to accept and decline bookings, staff feel connected with support teams.

Real time locations of staff

When used in conjunction with the Mapping Bee works as a staff tracking app by showing the location of Bee users on a map.

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Improve efficiencies and banish paperwork with Bee

Bee helps you to banish paper timesheets and the administration that comes with them. Add to that the benefits for field staff and administrators and Bee helps improve efficiencies too, as Karen Bailey, People Systems Partner from The You Trust explains:

“Feedback from our staff and workers indicates that they find the app very easy to use and like having all the information they need for their weekly schedule easily available to them”.

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