Alert Manager

Make informed decisions when schedules don’t go as planned

Stay in control of your workforce scheduling and ensure service delivery is never compromised

Stay in control of your scheduling

Creating a roster is just the start of the workforce scheduling process. Once you have created an optimised schedule that works for your business, staff and clients, you need to ensure that roster is kept to and, if it isn’t, how you can reduce the impact on service delivery.

Alert Manager equips administrators and care coordinators with the information they need to stay in control of their workforce scheduling when it matters most: when care needs to be delivered.

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How does Alert Manager work?

Alert Manager works in conjunction with the workforce scheduling and time and attendance systems.

If a staff member checks in or out of a visit too late, early or not at all, Alert Manager will notify you that there has been a deviation from the schedule.

If your office team is happy with the reasoning for a late, early or missed check-in or check-out, they can reconcile those visits within Alert Manager with the required information.

Quickly make informed decisions

Whatever the reason for a late check in or out, or even a missed visit, you still need to prioritise and make adjustments to staff schedules quickly. Alert Manager has been specifically designed to enable to you to view how schedules are unfolding and quickly make informed decisions and changes.

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Alert Manager helps you to:

  • Improve service delivery by reacting to unplanned deviations to schedules
  • Maintain control over field staff
  • Encourage improved punctuality of staff
  • Ensure clients receive 100% of the services ordered

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