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Mobile workforce solutions

Just because your field staff aren’t sat in your office doesn’t mean they are any less a part of your organisation – particularly as they are the ones delivering the care that is so vital to many. You need to be able to:

  • communicate effectively with your field staff;
  • ensure they have the information they require,
  • and oversee their whereabouts and the quality of care they are delivering.

Our mobile workforce solutions, including our market-leading employee app, Bee, make all of that streamlined and easy to manage.

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Discover Bee, our easy to use smartphone app for busy field staff

Provide staff with on-the-go access to information about bookings, visits and clients.


Time and Attendance

Manage time and attendance with electronic call monitoring (ECM)

Electronic call monitoring allows you to track when staff check-in and check-out of bookings, making it easier to manage your mobile workforce.


Alert Manager

Know when things don’t go as scheduled with Alert Manager

You need to know if there is an unacceptable deviation from the planned schedule. With Alert Manager and our mobile working solutions you will receive real time notifications of check-ins and check-outs so you can act appropriately.


Instant Messenger

Communicate with staff quickly and easily

Use the Bee app’s quick instant messaging features to communicate easily with field-staff. Learn more about Bee.

Or use our SMS module to quickly and easily send text messages to staff, clients and suppliers directly from


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