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Your online rostering system holds a huge array of information about your company’s performance. Essentially, your rostering system has the power to tell you about staff performance, booking numbers, income information, year-on-year trends and much, much more. MIS Reports pulls this information from Webroster.net and provides you with the statistical and analytical information you require to:

  • track and report on budgets and targets;
  • monitor performance over time,
  • and quickly view top level company performance information

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What is an MIS reporting system?

MIS, often called an MIS system, is short for management information system and is a type of business information system. MIS systems generate reports for different management teams, providing them with the insight and information they need.

With Webroster.net’s MIS Reports module, management teams benefit from business intelligence specific to them and gathered from the information stored within their online rostering system.

Intelligent business reports from Webroster.net

MIS Reports will combine the information stored in your Webroster.net system to give a comprehensive and intelligent analysis of business performance.

Intelligent business insight that is easy to digest

Your time is precious and you need to know how your company is performing quickly and easily.

MIS Reports not only pulls critical business intelligence from your rostering system, it also displays that intelligence in a way that is easy to digest. With graphs and charts, MIS Reports provides you with a visual way of understanding company performance – equipping you with the information you need to make accurate, informed decisions.

Business as usual for your Webroster.net database

MIS Reports delve deeper into the information stored in your Webroster.net online rostering system. As a result, MIS Reports is hosted on a dedicated server, meaning you can run reports quickly and easily without causing disruption to your Webroster.net database and its day-to-day use.

Harness the information available to you in your staff rostering software. Use MIS Reports and Webroster.net and equip your teams with the insight they need.

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