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With Webroster.net your team no longer needs to worry about pulling data from timesheets, editing that information, manually creating invoices and then completing payroll.

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Simplify your finance processes

Without the right software in place, invoicing and payroll can be a time-consuming and cost-draining exercise. Webroster.net simplifies the whole process with three steps:

  1. Using our rostering software, Webroster.net, you create optimised staff schedules. These schedules generate timesheets, which can be automatically verified.
  2. The verified timesheets provide information for Webroster.net to automatically create invoices for clients. Payroll is also automatically generated for staff.
  3. You can automatically pull through additional payments to payroll, including expenses, mileage and holiday pay.
  4. This information is exported from Webroster.net to be used with your choice of finance and payroll software, for example, Sage or Iris.

“We don’t overspend and are very diligent when it comes to tracking finances. As a result, it’s crucial that we invoice properly. If invoicing goes wrong, it is time consuming to go back and correct things.

“For the finance department, that’s where Webroster.net is extremely important. Invoices can be generated, sent out and fed into our accounts system – streamlining our processes.”

Liz Patrick, finance director at Apex Prime Care

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More efficient income and payroll processes

When you choose Webroster.net, you are already choosing a platform that enables you to quickly and easily create effective rosters.

With Invoice and Payroll you’ll be taking control of your finances whilst gaining considerable cost-efficiencies.

Care organisations also need some specific finance features to allow them to operate efficiently. Our invoice and payroll software take all of these into consideration.

  • Contributions can be set up too, so clients can easily contribute a percentage towards the care they receive.
  • Discounts can be applied to client orders to prevent the need for many different rate sheets for each client.
  • Split funding can be used, allowing you to assign multiple payees to individual orders.
  • Holiday, probationary pay and Agency Worker Regulations uplift can also be applied.
  • Rate sheets allow you to easily charge different rates for different services, which automatically feed into your invoices. They also allow you to pay different rates to different staff.

Travel: A simple way to manage expenses

Alongside Invoice and Payroll features, Travel provides a streamlined way to manage mileage expenses claims, which are automatically taken into account when running payroll and invoices.


Provide consistency for staff and clients

Changes to how payslips and invoices are presented or received can cause delays and confusion. With Webroster.net, there is no need for staff and clients to adjust to a different way of working. The export you receive from Webroster.net will be usable with your choice of payroll and invoice system – meaning you can benefit from a more streamlined system behind the scenes but equally offer consistency to staff and clients.

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Find out how Webroster.net could transform your workforce management

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