Track and report changes to your staff rostering software

Gain accountability and encourage careful use of your database

Monitor changes

Your workforce management software holds a lot of business critical information: details of clients; confidential care information; staff rotas; orders; financial information, and much more. You want to ensure your rostering software and database are used carefully and any mistakes can be easily rectified.

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Audit trails

History in Webroster.net provides you with an easy way to monitor who makes changes and when to your database – creating an easy to follow audit trail. With History, managers can quickly investigate changes and when they were made to rosters, timesheets, notes, customers, clients, staff, orders, bookings and much more!

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Manage your staff rostering module with ease

With the History module you have control of the information within your Webroster.net database. As a result, you can:

  • gain accountability;
  • encourage careful use of the database;
  • easily rectify any problems or reverse the database back to a previous state, and
  • reduce your carbon footprint. With History there’s no need to print long reports to find the information you need.

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