document manager

Document manager

Securely store and share documents with clients, staff and individuals

Go paperless and use as your policy and prodecures library: store, track and control documents

Central, secure and easy to use

Your online, secure and easy to navigate filing system: that’s essentially what’s Document Manager is.

Access control and security

You set the level of access you want a user to have in Document Manager – allowing you to control who can see what and when. Along with our stringent login, document and physical security measures, that makes Document Manager an extremely safe place for your organisation’s confidential and critical information.

Cloud file storage

Document Manager is a central system that allows you to store important documents and share files with clients and staff. Documents are saved securely in the cloud, which means assigned individuals can access files any time, anywhere via the Internet.

Easy to use

Best of all, Document Manager is easy to use. With features that ask users to confirm they have read a document and tools to track and control updates, your organisation will benefit from more streamlined processes and accountability.

Save space and paper

Hard copy documents need to be stored somewhere and we’re all familiar with the benefits of adopting a paperless approach wherever possible. With Document Manager you can considerably reduce the space required for filing and also negate the risk posed by fire, theft or accidental damage to physical documents.

All in one place

We developed Document Manager to provide our customers with an all-inclusive system where effective rosters can be created and the documents required to manage those rosters securely stored.

Discover a more efficient way of managing your organisation’s critical documents, all streamlined and integrated with your online rostering system.

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