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We answer some of the most common questions about Webroster and Webroster.net, our workforce management software. The list below is not exhaustive and we would be delighted to help answer some of your other questions – please send us an email on webroster.sales@theaccessgroup.com or call 01733 311599

Workforce management software: What is workforce management software?

Workforce management software refers to desktop and mobile programmes, like Webroster.net and Bee, which help a business manage staff scheduling, staff communications and other business functions such as payroll, invoicing and field staff requirements (such as travel allowances and expenses).

Webroster.net: What is Webroster.net?

Webroster.net is web-based software that enables businesses with tools to better manage their workforce, for example, with rostering, communications, income and payroll processes and more.

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App: Does Webroster.net have an app?

Webroster.net users can access the system directly via their smart device in a compatible browser, as they would do via desktop. A tablet is recommended rather than a smartphone for better resolution and display.

We also have Bee, our app for busy field staff so they can access their schedule and important information on the go via their mobile device. You can learn more about Bee here.

We also have plans to introduce a wider selection of apps to give appointed individuals with privileged access to information in Webroster.net. To learn more about these, please get in touch with the Webroster team. Call us on 01733 311 599 or email sales@webroster.com

Adding modules: I want to add a module to my Webroster.net package, how does that work?

It varies. It is quick and easy to add modules to your Webroster.net package but the price depends on what module you want. Pricing can be based on number of users, storage required, usage and more depending on the functionality of the module.

Please contact our sales team for further information, we would be delighted to put together a personalised quote for your organisation. Call us on 01733 311599 or email info@webroster.com

Backups and disaster recovery: Do you perform backups to make sure my database can be recovered if there is a problem?

We perform regular, full backups of all customer databases. These backups are secured with encryption at rest and during transit to multiple redundant locations for disaster recovery purposes.

All Webroster.net database backups are stored on their respective SQL Servers, a central backup server within our platform, within Amazon’s S3 storage facility and a copy is also stored in Microsoft’s Azure storage facility.

Once backups have been processed and secured, each database is automatically restored to our disaster recovery service, which will allow read-only access to Webroster.net in the event of a failure of the primary hosting platform.

Webroster.net doesn’t currently offer any granular restore options; we only take full SQL Server backups of the databases.

Exporting: Can I export information from Webroster.net to add to another system?

Yes. Using Webroster.net reports it is possible to extract information from Webroster.net into .xls or .csv files, which can then be uploaded into another system. Please contact us on sales@webroster.com or 01733 311 599 if you want to discuss any specific requirements regarding this.

Please note: we adopt an open integrations approach to our software. That means we are able to develop ways of synchronising Webroster.net with other software, developed by other companies. The result is that you can seamlessly use different software without duplicating data and having to jump, manually, between different apps or web-based software.

Learn more about our open integrations

Feedback: I have some feedback about Webroster.net, who can I speak to?

Please contact the account management or customer support team; we are always delighted to receive feedback from our customers. We take your feedback on board and consider it as part of future Webroster.net updates and releases.

If you have any feedback for us, please call 01733 311 599

Installation: How do I install Webroster.net?

You do not need to install Webroster.net; it is web-based software so all you need to do is login through a compatible web browser on a compatible multimedia device. You do not need any plugins or downloads to get started.

Integrations: Is it possible for Webroster.net to work with other software, like The PASSsystem or Sage?

Yes. Webroster.net can easily be synchronised with many other systems and software.

Unlike many workforce management software developers, we have an ‘open integrations’ approach with Webroster.net. That means, where possible and useful for our customers, we will integrate with other software to make the two work seamlessly together. You can find out more here.

Making updates: How can I update my Webroster.net?

Updates to Webroster.net are free to users and are made automatically to the system. When a user logs in after the update has been applied they will be accessing the latest version of the software, without having to do anything themselves.

Although, it is worth noting that some users may need to clear the cache on their browser before they can access the updated version of the software. If you ever have any queries about accessing an updated version of our web-based software, Webroster.net, you can get in touch with our customer support team on 01733 516 030 or support@webroster.com.

Migrating to Webroster.net: How does migrating to Webroster.net work?

Our Professional Services Team are experts in ensuring your migration to Webroster.net is smooth and stress-free. Changing software providers can be a big step to make, which is why we endeavour to make it as easy as possible for you.

We follow a step-by-step process to the migration to Webroster.net, with the first step being a kick-off meeting to ensure a suitable project outline and timeframe is put in place. From there our PRINCE2 qualified team will help to manage the migration using strong project governance.

Modules: What is a Webroster.net module?

A module is a set of features that can be added on to Webroster.net to enhance the system and add new functionality. Webroster.net is the rostering software, which you can add modules to. For example, you can add the Alert Manager module to add functionality that allows you to receive notifications when a check-in or check-out has deviated from your roster.

New features: I like Webroster.net but I’m not sure it has a feature my business needs, can you add new features?

If you are unsure whether Webroster.net has the ability to conduct a required task, please contact us to speak to our customer support team. We will work with you to explore whether it is possible.

Call us on 01733 311 599

Trialling Webroster.net: Is it possible to trial Webroster.net?

In some circumstances we are able to provide you with access to a test database where you and colleagues can explore Webroster.net in your own time and outside of a demo environment.

We are not able to provide you with a trial of Webroster.net using your organisation’s own data due to confidentiality and implementation requirements.

If you are interested in looking at the test database or would like an obligation-free demo, please contact us on 01733 311599 or email sales@webroster.com

Training requirements: How can I train staff up to use Webroster.net?

When you sign-up to Webroster.net we will include training as part of your package. This can be online training or in-person training conducted by one of our professional services team, who are experts in Webroster.net and in providing the very best training.

Suitability: How do I know if Webroster.net is suitable for me?

The best way to find out if Webroster.net is the right software for your organisation is by speaking with us. We’ll be able to learn more about what your requirements are and then tell you whether Webroster.net will meet your needs.

Call us on 01733 311 599 or email sales@webroster.com

Staff use: How many care coordinators or administrators can use Webroster.net?

This depends on how many licences you have purchased as part of your Webroster.net package. You can specify how many different users you require to access Webroster.net at any one time and the level of access they require. This provides you with flexibility to choose the number of licences that is best for your use and your budget.

Webroster.net works on an active concurrent licence basis, which means you can add as many users as you wish but only the number of concurrent licences that you hold can access Webroster.net at any one time. For example, if you have purchased five licences, you can add 10 Admins Users but only five Admin Users can use Webroster.net at any one time.

Super Users are the system controller and their access always takes precedence over all other users and is usually the business owner or director.

Security: I need to ensure my staff and service user data is secure and confidential, is Webroster.net secure?

Yes. Webroster.net uses a secure encrypted connection, a three-point password and system administrator control over staff access.

Other sectors: My organisation is not in the care sector, can I still use Webroster.net?

In many cases, yes. We work with organisations in security and other sectors beyond care as our workforce management software is flexible and adaptable to different needs and uses.

If you would like to find out whether we are able to support your business please get in touch with us via sales@webroster.com or call 01733 311599

Updates and releases: How often do you make updates to Webroster.net and what do these include?

We make updates to Webroster.net and its modules when required and to introduce new features and functionality we have been working on.

Uptime: We use our workforce management software on a daily basis and our business relies on it being available and working – what is the uptime of Webroster.net and is it reliable?

Webroster.net uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting, which offers reliability to all of our customers. Each year we endeavor to provide over 99% uptime for customers, achieving 99.98% from March 2016 – March 2017.


Cost: How much does Webroster.net cost?

It varies. The cost of Webroster.net and its modules depends on things like: number of users (e.g. number of staff using the software); size of database (e.g. number of service users); number of modules; required training, and other factors.

Please contact our sales team for further information, we would be delighted to put together a personalised quote for your organisation. Call us on 01733 311599 or email sales@webroster.com

Set-up costs: Is there a cost for setting-up Webroster.net?

When we put together a quote for you we will include options for set-up and training in a transparent manner. This allows you to see what is included, what the cost is and to choose what is right for you.

Training costs: Is there a cost for training up my staff to use Webroster.net?

Yes. We will work with you to establish what your training requirements are and to recommend training based on your budget.

Module costs: Are modules included as part of the Webroster.net cost?

We will include module costs as part of your Webroster.net quote, where you can choose to add in or take out additional modules and users – allowing you the flexibility to tailor your Webroster.net package to your needs.


About Bee: What is Bee?

Bee is an easy to use app, which can be downloaded onto a compatible smartphone. The app can then provide assigned users with access to specific information from Webroster.net in a mobile-friendly way. The app is secure and the information displayed is updated in real-time.

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Compatibility: Can you tell me what devices Bee is compatible with?

We make continual updates to Bee to make sure all of its features are running smoothly, the app is secure and everything is compatible with the latest Android and iOS operating systems.

For specific information about device compatability, please visit our Mobile Compatibility page.

Bee has specifically been developed to offer the same great features across Android phones and iPhones – allowing you to work with your choice of mobile device.

If you have any queries about whether your phone is compatible with Bee, please do get in touch with the Webroster team on 01733 311 599

Connection: What happens if staff do not have a network connection, mobile data or Internet during a client visit?

Staff can log in to Bee without a data connection (WiFi, 3G or 4G) for up to a pre-defined amount of time after their most recent, full authentication with Webroster.net.

For example, a Bee user will be able to log in to the app up to 30 minutes after they last logged in and connected with Webroster.net via a data connection.

We also have check-in and check-out solutions that do not require a data connection – for example, VOPItrac

Data usage: How much mobile data does Bee use?

Bee Android will use an estimated 62MB of 3G data and Bee iPhone will use an estimated 55MB of 3G data per month for the example situation below. This does not take into account any non-Bee related data usage (for example, emails, web browsing and third party apps).


Data usage will also deviate from the estimated amount depending on the amount of information held in the schedule, client details and visit details.

Example situation using an estimated 62MB of data per month:

  • A staff user who has 8 visits per day, 7 days a week
  • The schedule is manually refreshed (or automatically 
refreshed on sign in) between 15-20 times each day
  • Each visit contains a client with multiple client 
information fields
  • Each visit contains a client with 2 notes 
  • Each visit contains a note
  • Each visit is checked into using a client barcode
  • Each visit contains 2 tasks, both checked as 
completed prior to check out

Each visit is checked out using a client barcode

Messaging: Is it possible for Bee users to send messages to Webroster.net users in the office?

Yes. Bee includes a two-way messaging feature that allows users to message co-ordinators using Webroster.net and vice versa.

Security: If a phone with Bee installed on it is lost or stolen, how is our information protected?

If a phone is lost, stolen or a staff member leaves, all data can be wiped from the phone remotely via Webroster.net.

Security: Is data stored in Bee secure?

Data is stored securely in Bee using the latest SQLCipher encryption technology. Users access the app with a secure sign in page and the option of using a four-digit PIN code.

Staff use: How many members of staff can use Bee?

You are able to purchase as many Bee user licences as you require. For example, if you have 100 field staff members you can purchase 100 Bee user licences to provide each of them with access to the app.

Updating Bee: How can I update the Bee app to the latest version?

You update Bee in the same way that you update any other app on a smartphone. In Google Play or the App Store you will be able to find the Bee app by searching ‘Bee Webroster’. From there you can download the latest version of the app.

Please ensure your operating system is updated regularly too as Bee relies upon up to date operating systems to work efficiently.

Updates and releases: How often do you make updates to Bee and what do these include?

We regularly make updates to Bee to allow us to introduce new features and improve functionality of the app. We make these updates based on need and development timelines for the whole of Webroster.net.


Careers at Webroster: I am interested about a career at Webroster, who can I contact?

Whether you are a software developer, product manager, sales expert or customer experience professional, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email your CV to hr@webroster.com

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