Version 3.9.0

Your opportunity to pilot Optimiser, our exciting new automatic rostering tool

We are delighted to be releasing version 3.9.0 on Wednesday 7 February 2018. This latest release will provide you with the opportunity to pilot Optimiser – our innovative, automatic rostering module.

Version 3.9.0 will also include:

  • general bug fixes to,
  • and new features to our Provider module

Optimiser has been in development since 2014, with the module initially being created through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Nottingham. Since then, we have continued to fine-tune and develop the module. version 3.9.0 will make the latest beta version of Optimiser available to users, on request, for pilot use.

About Optimiser

Optimiser is a module that uses artificial intelligence to automatically allocate staff to client requirements according to what you want your roster to achieve, whether that is:

  1. Increased profits
  2. Better continuity of service
  3. Reduced travel times and distances for staff members
  4. Increased staff satisfaction 
  5. Improved quality of care
  6. Or even a roster that offers the best balance of all these outcomes.

When automatically creating a roster, Optimiser takes into account your barred staff and client combinations, along with your set mandatory feature requirements – as you would do if you were creating the roster manually.

Yet, with Optimiser, you stay in control of your rostering: you can accept, cancel, or tweak the recommended solution created by Optimiser before anything is applied onto staff and client rosters.

Users can also set specific time windows when creating a schedule by stating what is the earliest and what is the latest time a requirement can acceptably start.

Optimiser will shift requirements within this specified time window so that staff can be utilised more efficiently according to their availability.

For instance, a care visit may have previously been booked for 11am. However, it may be acceptable for that care visit to start any time between 10am and 12pm. With that time window in place, Optimiser may identify that moving the booking to 11.30am will make it possible for a member of staff to complete an additional, nearby visit at 10.45am beforehand.

The result is that the staff member is able to complete an extra visit within their working hours due to the requirements being shifted within an acceptable time window.

The latest beta version of Optimiser will also provide you with control around staff working times, including:

  • maximum number of working hours per day
  • maximum work span
  • minimum rest hours between working days
  • automatically calculating and making allowance for breaks per worked hours

Piloting Optimiser – we need your feedback

We are due to release Optimiser in Spring 2018 as an additional, optional module. Before the full release of Optimiser later this year, however, we are looking for customers to become pilot users of the module to provide us with valuable feedback.

If you are interested in becoming amongst the first to trial Optimiser and would like to learn more about becoming a pilot user, please contact your account manager, call 01733 311 599 or email


If you have any questions about version 3.9.0 and any of the associated updates, please do not hesitate to contact the Webroster Customer Support Team. We are available from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Phone: 01733 516 030