VOIPTrac™ is an electronic call monitoring (ECM) system which uses a land line phone at the client location for the staff member to check in and out of a booking. There is no cost to the client and real time check in and out information is sent directly to the Webroster.net database.


Webroster VOIPTrac™ for ECM

About VOIPTrac™

VOIPTrac™ is an ideal low cost and easy to use time and attendance system which provides poof of service delivery and information on where staff are and when. When used in conjunction with the Alert Manager module real time alerts are provided when real time check in and out information does not match the planned schedule.

VOIPTrac™ Benefits

  • No hardware investment
  • No cost to the service user
  • Universal technology can be used with any landline phone
  • Eliminate paper timesheets
  • Analyse planned versus actual service delivery

What our customers say

“Using the VOIPTrac™ module information is sent back to the Webroster.net database in real time enabling us to check that calls have taken place as scheduled”.

Liz Steyn, Operations Manager, Prestige Nursing + Care

“Electronic Call Monitoring reduces time spent on processing timesheets and sends invoices by email, which means no stamps, printing or visits to the post-box”

Phillip Harrison, Administrator, Castlerock Recruitment Group Ltd

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