Pocketroster™.net is the mobile rostering system for Webroster.net, enabling users to edit rosters on the go! It is accessible using an internet compatible hand held PC or mobile phone device which is GPRS and 3G compatible. The staff daily roster is shown, along with booking information such as client details, booking details, tasks and client extras.


Webroster Pocket Roster

About Pocketroster™

Pocketroster™ enables field staff to view real time roster information while they’re out and about, negating the need for managers to contact staff members throughout the day with roster changes.

There are two types of Pocketroster™ licences, System User and Staff User…

Pocketroster™ System User

Pocketroster™ system users can edit and view rosters and client and staff information. This type of licence is ideal for busy managers who regularly need to amend staff schedules when they are out and about.

Pocketroster™ Staff User

Pocketroster™ staff users can view rosters and client information. This type of licence is ideal for field workers who need to be up to date with any changes to their roster in real time.

Pocketroster™ Benefits

  • Change rosters on the go
  • Save time and costs involved in communicating roster changes to field staff
  • Give field staff more control by easily accessing information from anywhere

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