NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology available in some smartphones and other small devices used to transfer information. The Webroster Bee app can use NFC technology for checking in and out of visits.

Electronic Call Monitoring field staff
NFC Bee app

About NFC

NFC is widely used in everyday life with items such as Oyster cards and security alarms. NFC requires a tag and a reader. When the reader (such as a mobile phone) is placed within close proximity to the tag, radio communication can occur and information is transferred.

Using NFC for electronic call monitoring (ECM)

NFC provides a sound method for field workers to check in and out of visits. In this instance, a tag is left at the client’s location – this tag might be in the form of a sticker, keyring or plastic fob. The tag is pre-paired to the client/service user or to the location itself. The reader takes the form of a compatible smartphone, which when held to the tag, checks the field worker in or out of the visit.

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