checking in and out of visits

When staff check in or out of a visit they scan a barcode or QR code using the camera on their smartphone. Barcodes and QR codes provide a visual representation of data which is read by a scanner to decode.

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Using barcodes and QR codes for electronic call monitoring (ECM)

Barcodes were traditionally used in retail and manufacturing industries but are now used more widely thanks to scanners being readily available through apps on Smartphones. This means that they can be easily decoded without the need for specialist equipment. Barcodes and QR codes are cheap (often free) and easy to produce

Barcodes are an easy way to quickly communicate large amounts of information using a small area of print. They are therefore, ideal to use as part of the electronic monitoring process as a proven form of tracking staff.

Data relating to the client details can be stored in a barcode at the client location, so when the barcode is scanned using PhotoTrac™ or Bee, the client details are sent to the database along with the date and time of the scan and the details of the staff member who scanned it.

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Security for confidential information

Barcodes can be used to access lengthy or confidential information which needs to be stored at the client location for access by multiple providers. All the relevant information can be stored in a barcode which must be scanned, therefore preventing other parties accessing confidential information.

Check in and check out can also be performed using NFC tags.

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