Mobile Working

Mobile working with webroster Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) or Time and Attendance systems are designed to track and monitor field staff.  Our ECM systems will monitor where and when field staff check in and out of visits or appointments.

  • Peace of mind; Know your staff are in the right place at the right time.
  • Reduce admin; timesheets are automatically verified cutting out manual processes.

  • Flexibility; is compatible with a range third party staff monitoring systems.
  • Technology options; electronic call monitoring can use VOIP phone lines or the latest NFC technology and smartphone apps.

Data relating to the client details can be stored in a barcode, QR code or NFC tag. When it is scanned using an app at the client location the client details are sent to the database along with the date and time of the scan and the details of the staff member who scanned it.


Reduce paperwork and phone calls to the office with our Bee app.  Designed for field based staff, the Bee app gives access to all the information staff need for each visit.  Staff schedules and client details can be accessed and visits and tasks logged in real-time.  Changes to rosters can be communicated quickly and easily.

webroster Bee app
Webroster voiptrac


VOIPTrac™ uses touchtone telephones for staff to check in and check out. They simply dial a free phone number from a landline phone at the client location to check in or check out.

Alert Manager

Improve service delivery by reacting to unplanned deviations to schedules.  The Alert Manager module receives real time information from electronic monitoring systems and raises an alert if staff are late or miss an appointment.

Alert Manager

What our customers say

“ECM helps guarantee the quality of care that is at the heart of our business”

Liz Steyn, Operations Manager, Prestige Nursing + Care

“Electronic Call Monitoring reduces time spent on processing timesheets and sends invoices by email, which means no stamps, printing or visits to the post-box”

Phillip Harrison, Administrator, Castlerock Recruitment Group Ltd

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