The Travel module increases the accuracy of your rostering, timesheets, invoicing and payroll by automatically calculating travel time and mileage for each booking. It also displays the distance between the client location and each staff member at the point of booking, so that you can assign the closest staff member to each job.


travel time
add travel time to your roster

Include travel time in your roster

Want to eliminate manual mileage claims forms? The Travel Module uses real time postcode information for quick address entry and route calculation.

The Travel Module is used to calculate travel time between bookings.  The ensures enough time has been allowed in the roster for staff to travel to their next visit. 

This is ideal for saving time and costs associated with travel time and ensures a consistent approach to charging and paying for travel.

How does it work?

Travel time between bookings is automatically calculated using postcode information and enough time is reserved in the roster prior to each booking.

Distance between bookings is automatically calculated using postcode information, removing the need for mileage claim forms. Mileage expenses are automatically calculated and added to invoices and payroll.

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