Roster Mapping

The Roster Mapping module integrates Google Maps into, so that staff and client locations can be shown on a map. This makes it easier for system users to get an overall picture of staff or client whereabouts and book uncovered requirements.


Roster mapping module

Roster Mapping works in two ways:

Find available staff

Use the map to show the location of available staff for a specific uncovered requirement and make informed decisions based on geographic location.

Find available staff on a map

Find uncovered requirements

Use the map to see the uncovered requirements which match a staff member’s availability. The staff member’s home or previous visit can also be viewed speeding up the rostering process.

find uncovered requirements on a map

The Roster Mapping module displays the location of either available staff members or uncovered requirements on a map, instead of a table. When a staff member or requirement is selected, a route will automatically be plotted and the distance and travel time shown on screen.

Multiple staff members or requirements can be selected and routes plotted.  All visits can then be booked at once and updated in the staff and client rosters.  Users will receive a warning if a staff member is unlikely to get to the required location for the specified time.

Roster Mapping benefits

  • Reduce travel time and cost
  • Reduce mileage expenses
  • Speed up the rostering process
  • Warns when staff members will not get to their client for the specified time

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