Real Time Mapping

Real Time Mapping displays the actual location of field staff on a map, in real time enabling you to make proactive decisions to improve efficiency and maintain quality of service. Real Time Mapping also tracks the route of a staff member back in time, keeping a record of where they have been.


Real time staff mapping

What can Real Time Mapping do?

Real Time Mapping will show:

  1. Are staff where should they be?
    Based on where the roster stipulates they should be.
  2. Where were staff last known to be?
    Based on electronic monitoring information.
  3. Where are staff now?
    Based on GPS data sent from the Bee app.

Real Time Mapping gives you peace of mind and reassurance that your staff are where they should be and when. This is particularly useful for lone workers or staff travelling long distances.


A record of each journey made by staff can be kept for compliance and dispute resolution purposes using BackTrac.  When used in conjunction with GPS polling on the Bee app, BackTrac functionality plots the route that a staff member has taken on a map and saves this data for one month.

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