The SMS module allows you to send automated or manual, ad-hoc and regular text messages to any selection of staff, clients or suppliers from Automated messages can be sent to notify staff and clients of roster changes and updates.


Webroster SMS


SMS messages are a fast and cost effective method of communicating information to an individual or a group of staff. The SMS module gives an opportunity to streamline business processes. Free up manager’s time and reduce phone calls to the office by quickly and easily messaging staff.

What can the SMS module can be used for?

The SMS module can be used to:

  • Send an ad-hoc messages to an individual or group of individuals from a saved search
  • Send automated messages to staff members when their roster changes
  • Use alongside the Alert Manager module to receive alerts when a staff member has not checked in or out of a visit in line with the planned schedule.

Module Benefits

  • Reduce communication costs
  • Save time in communicating to groups of staff or clients
  • Improve response and reaction times through fast SMS delivery
  • Improve service delivery by receiving electronic monitoring alerts via SMS
  • Gain a back up communications method

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